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Bit hesitant to ask this but does anyone else find that opening their bowels makes them vomit ?

Oh the glamorous and multifaceted effects of having one's stomach turned into an oesphageous !

This doesn't always happen to me but is not unusual . Just wondering if it's the surgery ( maybe something to do with reflux or vagus nerve damage ) or if it's the chemo I'm on .

And do others get that excessive saliva thing before they vomit ? HP always look mystified if I mention this .

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Yes, I too had the same issue. Initially I took movicol as a stool softener, which helped move things along and stopped the straining. Since then I've been having warm/hot sugary tea 3 or 4 times a day which has the same effect.

In regards to saliva, this is a normal body response before vomiting, the body lines the throat with excess saliva to prevent anything getting stuck on the way up.


I know exactly what you're talking about. A burning in the throat followed by excessive salivation. For me it is then followed by retching instead of vomiting. Probably because there is no motility in the small amount of remaining esophagus because of the achalasia.

Mine is due to swallowing something extremely irritating. Two things that I know caused it are: 1. liquid medicine containing alcohol and 2. nasal decongestant drops. I now try to avoid any alcohol. The nasal drops would drain into the back of the throat and down into the stomach where they caused these problems.

See if you can find a cause for your symptoms, because there is likely a triggering substance.


Thanks Jay and Chris ,nice to know i'm not alone . I didn't really imagine I was TBH .

Actually I vomit with diarrhea and no straining ,but good idea to look for trigger .

Might be physical movement plus other stuff . I generally find moving from lying down to sitting and sometimes talking can bring on retching/regurgitation etc .Maybe my diaphragm has something to with it ,breathing ,moving diaphragm,impacting on my new stomach/oesphageus tube ?


The wonders of these topics of conversation! When your bowels open, are your stools normal? As Jay says, the pressure to evacuate your bowels might be pushing things up in your system, and perhaps it is pushing semi-digested food back up in the opposite direction and creating the vomiting reaction? So trying to achieve an easier / softer stool transit might indeed help, especially if you have been getting constipated.

Try and make sure that your knees are higher than your hips, and that any pressure you do exert is downwards, if possible.

But as you say you have diarrhoea and vomiting at the same time, perhaps it is more in the way of a stomach upset, and I am wondering whether it is a side effect of the chemo medication? The oncology people will probably have run across this before.


It's odd ,as I say it can happen when I'm exerting no pressure to evacuate !

I don't think it's a bug ,it's too intermittent and stomach upsets are pretty easily recognised.

Oh well ,I'll deploy that well known medical approach " keep an eye on it and if it gets worse let me know " !

Thanks for the input on my output ...sorry I blame the steroids !


Hi, I am so pleased to see that someone else is having the same problem. (That sounds terrible....sorry) For some 8 months now I have been vomiting at the same time as opening my bowels.

It happens all f the time. Sometimes normal stools but more often diarrhoea. Often the first I know that I need to open my Bowles is feeling nauseous then the excessive saliva. I know then that I only have a few minutes to get to a toilet.

Going out is a nightmare as the ladies toilets do not have hand basin in the stall. I'm ok if the disabled toilet is available as the hand basin is next to the toilet.

I have no illness. I do suffer from gastritis along with a hiatus hernia. Also vitamin B12 deficiency. CKD stage 3a.

My GP has given me no help or advise. I would just like to know what is causing it and if it can be stopped.

I have now purchased sick bags to carry with me.

Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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