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Thankfully,I’m starting therapy soon that will target mainly false memory ocd,has anyone gotten therapy for this form of ocd and if so do therapists provide any form of reassurance or do they teach you how to live with the uncertainty?Did you eventually let the memory go?

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2 Replies
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I haven't had false memory syndrome, but I do know that part of the treatment for OCD is teaching you to live with the uncertainty.

One name for OCD is 'the doubting disease'. It makes us doubt all sorts of things: did I turn the oven off, did I take that plug out, did I say something I shouldn't have etc. And then we demand certainty. And certainty isn't forthcoming. Then it goes round and round in our heads and makes us doubt all the more.

CBT, or cognitive behaviour therapy, (the sort of therapy I think you'll be having) helps to make us accept the uncertainty. The more we demand reassurance, the more we doubt, and the more reassurance we demand. The classic vicious circle. Therapists don't generally give us reassurance, because of this.

Learning to accept uncertainty isn't that easy, but practice makes you better at it. It may make you feel uncomfortable, at first. But the false memory should fade into the background and disappear once you stop questioning it.

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Thank you x

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