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Knee injections


Hi all.

I began posting a few days ago and I have another question.

I saw a rhumatalogist a few days ago who intends to inject both my knees in two weeks time.

I had cortisone injections a few years ago which did very little and then had gel injections (I live in France and they used a gel called Happycross). The gel seemed to work better.

Now my new rhumatalogist wants to inject both products into my knees at the same time. He'll mix them and inject them in one go.

Is this a good idea?

Also, is it important that he uses images or a scan of some sort to guide him into where best to place the injections?

The last two sets of injections were done using images but I don't think this chap has any equipment in his surgery so I think he might do the injections "blind". Again, is this a good idea?

Thanks for any advice.


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I have had injections in several areas and they are often done "blind". I also have denervation treatment if the injections bring relief for a few weeks. That does tend to help for longer and is always done using an ultrasound machine.

Thanks for your help.

I've never heard of denervation treatment. Could you tell me what that is and why it's done?

The explanation that I was given makes it sound an awful lot worse than it is. It is done as day case surgery here in England but it only takes about 15 minutes and local anaesthetic is used. Basically, they cauterise the nerve endings in the affected area. I think it has something to do with the messages from the brain not being able to transmit to that area. anyway, it relieves the pain for about a year so I have found it worthwhile. I assume the nerve endings regenerate but the treatment can be done again if necessary.

OK. Thank you.

I'll see if I can get some info from my rhumatalogist and read up on it too. I don't have a lot of confidence in the man as he seems to be downplaying my symptoms and doesn't want to listen about the rest of them. He can't even tell me if they are rhumatalogical or neurological or where I should go to find out.

I'll see how the injections go anyway. Here's hoping!

Is this treatment ever covered by insurance?

Hi Robsny.

If you're asking about my upcoming knee injections, I live in France where the cortisone injections are covered by insurance (I'll have to pay a small amount), but the Happycross gel isn't covered. It's quite expensive at about 130 euros a pop. So 260 euros for both knees.

If you're asking about denervation injections, I don't know yet as I haven't had a chance to ask my doctor about it.

Hope that helps.

I had knee injections Suptratz and it did not help me at all. I hope it works for you!

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