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Hello! Does anyone have tmj osteoarthritis? I am only 21 (an elementary teacher, so I talk alllll day) and am wondering what the prognosis is. My right tmj joint began clicking 10 months ago and has been locked since...anterior disc displacement without reduction. I have been diagnosed with early osteoarthritis on the left side. Not sure what caused it and my specialist now believes both my joint discs are out of place. My tmj specialist said he’s putting me in a splint to prevent further damage and that I’m not a surgery candidate at the moment. I’m just wondering if anyone has used conservative treatment for osteoarthritis? I don’t want surgery...I appreciate the input, thank you!!!

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I also thought I should add that my pain and opening has been a lot better after completing Physical Therapy (I can’t fit 3 fingers, used to be 1.5). I’m just wondering what the prognosis is from those who actually live with it. Doctors and dentists tell me mixed things about being fine and others say I’ll need a total joint replacement in the future but I’ve heard of the joint actually burning out and stabilizing so I’m confused on the joint replacement surgery...

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Hello Hopeb414. Thanks for sharing your situation; this sounds very painful and very challenging, especially as a teacher. We hope you will find some support and inspiration in this group.

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my sister's stuck joint in right hand (3rd finger)did eventually unstick!I just do the subtle touching all fingertips with thumb of same hand,,hand opening flat and closing,spreading the fingers wide,etc.

Hi! I have been on HU for a while now but have just decided to search for fellow TMJ sufferers and came across your post.

I haven't been diagnosed with osteoarthritis but I've been suffering with TMJ for 5 years. I have disc displacement in both sides and similar to you, cannot fit 1 finger.

I've been through braces and guards, physio, acupuncture, meds and surgery to flush out the joints. The best relief that I get now is having botox injections into the joints and my temples. It only helps the pain slightly for a couple of months (and only allowed it every 9-12 months) but it is by far the best treatment I've come across so far. Not many hospitals offer botox on NHS anymore so I've had to travel a bit, but the short relief it provides is worth it.

I'm not a candidate for joint replacement as my specialist said they won't do it in both sides. And apparently disc re-positioning doesn't last that long, so again won't do that for me (I'm 31 so they have said it will be too many surgeries).

I know you posted a while ago, so may not even see my message, but I'm just wondering how you've been getting on with it and have found anything that may be able to help? Also what is the splint that was being fitted?

Good luck and best wishes x

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