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Hydration and its benefits (Cold or room Temperature?)

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As part of the research I am undertaking for my Health and Fitness portfolio I have had a number of views and suggestions on keeping hydrated and how water can help alleviate a number of conditions.

It is quite apparent that a regular hydration regime is vital to maintain good health, there is one question that I would like to put out there about cold or room temperature water intake

I have been told that drink cold or chilled water is useful as the body's metabolism kicks in the warm the water up and this helps burn calories, however another view is that using room temperature water is better?

Over to you informative and support group members for your views.......



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Hi Paul. Are you doing this research to gauge general views on the matter? Ayurvedic and TCM both err towards warm or room temperature. TCM for the purposes of 'conserving energy'. Interestingly, renal patients are sometimes advised not to drink too much as over-hydration can tax the body in those instances as much as under- or dehydration. Best with your research.

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Hi..The research is to inform my fitness regime, I'm hoping to put a system in place to aid my overall fitness levels as I age.

I had heard that cold water was beneficial as the body's metabolism has to burn energy to warm it up.

Yes I suppose if you have diagnosed kidney problems its best to avoid excesses.

thanks for the reply.



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All the best with the fitness regime and take care of yourself. Kind regards