Getting enough sleep?

HI All. Sleep is so key to our well-being. We digest our emotions of the day and also it is when our body goes into repair mode hence very important for recovery. There is an ayurvedic saying, 'The train to a good night's sleep leaves the station at 10 p.m'. I agree that this is an optimal time to retire and be in a deep sleep before midnight. Be mindful of your sleep hygiene - so a cool temperature (never sleep with the heating on), cotton bedsheets, no electronic equipment and complete darkness. Melatonin produced by the pineal gland in the centre of the head is inhibited by light hence it is important to sleep in the dark. If you are a night own, look at your patterns and start to go to bed ten minutes earlier so you begin the journey to a more wholesome bedtime.

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  • Hi

    Really struggling with insomnia at the moment. Any tips for tackling this?

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