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Diabetes Type 2 epidemic

Hi All. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who watched last evening's Hidden Epidemic on BBC1. It was graphic as we saw feet and legs being sawed off as a result of poorly controlled diabetes. The strain this is putting on the NHS is huge. Plus more children are being diagnosed with the prognosis for child onset diabetes being more destructive. We have to start somewhere with this. If you are someone who either has Type 2 diabetes or have been told you are in the pre-diabetic category, take action! Start somewhere. Eat more fibre, cut out the processed foods, connect deeply with what you put into your body and get active. If this means starting with a 15 minute walk or if you have stairs, walk up and down 5 times. You CAN make a difference and we know with certainty now that this disease is reversible. Cut out all diet drinks, fruit juices made from concentrate and sodas too. If anyone has particular questions on this, let me know.