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Breathing deeply

Hi All. We all have this absolutely in common - we all breathe. How we breathe is critical to our wellbeing. When we are stressed, busy, anxious, irritated we tend to breathe shallow which puts our bodies into an increased state of alert and panic. Deep breathing actually influences positively our biochemistry and hence our mood and sense of well-being. For those of you familiar with a regular yoga practise you will be aware of this. For those newer to this just start simply by being more aware of your breath. Build a relationship with it as if it were a dear friend for after all it is your constant companion through life. Visualise the breath moving deep into the lower abdomen and clearing stagnation with the exhale. On the inhale visualise being rejuvenated, oxygenated and empowered. What this practise also helps with is anchoring us back into our bodies and the present moment so out of the head centric place modern life can place us.

So breathe deep. Breathe life.

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If you are interested only in physical well being, you may not need to imagine anything. Just keep the mind cheerful, clear and observant. Deep breathing is enough.

Only that deep breathing should be done without stress (physical or mental) and slow. One should not feel discomfort of any kind. Sitting on floor with a comfortable cushion. Legs folded in lotus pose. Make 40 minutes everyday, divorce your doctor.