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Three weeks a go my rheumy decided to start me on Methotrexate, however he wanted to check my bloods.

I got them done & arranged an appointment for last week, I see him privately & was waiting for the new insurance year to start. I thought it started on 1 April but it wasn't until the 6th, so booked an appointment for yesterday; it was cancelled yesterday as he's hurt his back! I so want to start on the MTX but am having to wait another week - then I've got to get the script from the GP!! He was also going to inject my knees with steriods but the insurance company won't sanction it until he has completed a claim form so will have to wait again!

I am so sore & feeling yuck the whole time, I'm hoping that when I do start MTX it will kick in quickly & I will start to feel better!

Sorry - rant over!!!

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mtx can take up to 12 weeks, you could ask gp for oral steroids? gp can prescribe these and some gps can inject joints, my practice has appointed a gp who can do just this xx

Gp can sort out interim pain killers too x


Hello there,

I went through something a bit similar re. starting Sulphasalazine. To cut a longish story short things CAN often be speeded up if you just keep phoning, reminding, nagging etc. As soon as I took my eye off the ball with the Sulpha Quest things slowed down to a standstill again.

I think they ought to give everyone who is diagnosed with this disease a brand new mobile & loads of phone credits!

The script from GP sounds the easiest bit to speed up - if you give your GP a bit of earache there's no reason why they shouldn't turn the script around in a day.

I did find that constantly emphasising that I was anxious to get started predominantly because DMARDs take a while to kick in did seem to hit home.

Good luck with this,

Luce x


Yes, Pauline, so frustrating when we try and put things in place ... Make plans .. try make things happen efficiently and end up being given the around. Not to mention the enormous phone bill chasing people. Just there myself recently.

Do try and get the steroid injections for your knees as they will also help alleviate other sore joints too once the steroid is in your system. Those injections should last you till your MTX kicks in. MTX took eight weeks before any major improvement for me. It is the way you build up your dose, increasing the tablets weekly, which means it takes a while for good effect. It worked very well for me for years. Good luck and hope you soon feeling much better.

Love Julie xx


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