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I am so bad at directions, that I put the address to the Salvation Army into my GPS, and then it led me to a school 3 blocks away. Hmmmmm, weird.

I joined about 20 other people and we unloaded about 300 boxes of toys and backpacks, and hats & gloves, etc. I ended up knowing one of the other volunteers so we worked together on unpacking the boxes for the 6-8 yr olds. We put 1/2 the table for boys & 1/2 for girls. We really packed the tables full and there were still about 30 unpacked boxes that we stashed under the tables.

I was surprised what was for the girls, mostly beads and art supplies, and Lots of dolls. They boys got cars, footballs, action figures, legos, etc.. I always liked the boy toys & played cars in the sandbox with my brother, but I also loved dolls & played school with my 2 sisters. We used to just run or bike up & down the block-again & again. I have a photo of myself, around age 6 with a huge knee but I'm having so much fun running. I didn't let my arthritis get in the way, I just enjoyed being a kid.

I just got invited over to my Dad & SMom Dorothy's for supper & we'll catch up on the Survivor finale. I waited until they got back from vacation so that we could watch it together. I can hardly wait to learn who won.

I just started the dishwasher because I couldn't remember if they were clean or not, fibro fog again. I'm going to volunteer another couple of hours again tomorrow-to hand out the gifts. Then laundry to do tomorrow, before I head off to Kansas (3 hrs away) for my Sister's on Friday morning.

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Have a safe trip to kansas and i hope the weather is kind to you. I think your right about fibro fog,i like the way your describe it,i can't remember things either. Its a pain getting old isn't it.

Take care. Sylvi. x


Hi Tinwoman, good for you. Thinking of others at this time of year does give you a lovely warm feeling. Have a good time in Kansas at your sister and a lovely holiday. Take care driving and pace yourself. It may only be 3 hours away but I find after 1 hour, I have to stop and rest as otherwise I just stiffen up and end up in pain.

My fog was on Tuesday when I forgot two appts and had a fall but have put it down to the cold I have coming on and making me forgetful. At least I hope that's what it was!

I think everyone assumes that girls like girlie things such as dolls and boys like things such as trucks, guns etc. As a child, I had a train set which I loved but I also had dolls and other toys. My brother who is 7 years younger than me had the usual boy things but also played with my toys as well.

LavendarLady x


well done.. have a great time xx


I worked 3 hours today, leading parents to the correct tables (age) so that they could pick 2 gifts for each child. They also got a stocking stuffer toy, a hat/gloves, a stuffed animal, and a book. I had a good time & even got a couple slices of pizza afterwards.


Good for you, Tinwoman! :D I have to ask...Is there a Tinman? I'm sure you get that once in awhile! And, since you're going to Kansas, Is your sister's name Dorothy?

I'm not sure our British friends know of the "Wizard of Oz, and the Tinman", if not they are going to think I am really daft!

Anyways, I'm proud of you for getting out there and helping with that big project. I know how difficult it is for families at christmas time, especially if there is no one working in the house.

The news says things are going up, job wise, and unemployment claims have gone down! Maybe, just maybe, this next year will see it all turn around. If only those idiots in Congress would do their jobs and quit playing politics!!

I think they just found out nobody was going to vote them back again if they didn't do the will of the people. Oops, didn't intend to get up on the soapbox!

Hope you didn't over do it today. Rest tomorrow. Loret


Hi Loret, no, there's no Tinman. Ha, my Stepmother's name is Dorothy. My left hand did swell a bit after my volunteering, and my left knee was very sore too.

I am still looking for a part-time job, but I have to admit that I haven't been trying very hard. I do need to find a job in the new year though, just so that I can buy meds AND food. I'm fortunate that Lincoln has food programs so that we can go & get food for free. They have stores donate food that is near to the expiration date. You never know what might be there, it's an adventure. I've gotten to know quite a few people there, and we discuss the job situation & everything, really.

Have a Merry Christmas



Yes of course we all got to watch Wizard of Oz as kids here too - at least I did. Well the first time was at one of my younger birthdays (i.e still a tot) when we were all settled down to watch it but when the Wicked Wich of the East (or was it West?) cackled from that apple tree I was carried out screaming in terror! TTx


I was always scared of the flying monkies.


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