Hippy shake

I had both hips replaced at 26,6 months apart.

At nearly 2,and 1and a half, these 'babies' were

A hard but brilliant decision to make. Like any operations

I was scared, but as i (and everyone else) could hear my hips

As i walked around, and i had to hit them into place

To sit down, im soo glad i got them done. I was out after 3 days

For each, and although i still have to be careful with what i do

Just being out of the constant agony with them is so fantastic

I am so grateful to live in a country where we get such great care and have

Such brilliant surgeons. So thanks nhs for letting me walk again and all you do for all of us, arthritis or anyother conditions! :))

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Keek, brill that you feel better my mil had hers done a few weeks ago and is getting about better already.

I am worried that one day I will need it too I struggle to walk and am in increased pain in the hip and back area when standing but also am in more pain in hips when I lie down to try and sleep at night xx


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