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We need to sign the wow factor now and here is your chance .

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

Today's #ESAendgame request - IMPORTANT

Posted: 09 Mar 2013 04:00 AM PST

#ESAendgame means exactly what it says.

It;s time the people spoke. With one voice and said "Enough is Enough"

We have the evidence - we've had it for years.

People are desperate and our politicians - of all parties - have been too slow to make improvements that would have saved lives and untold human suffering.

We will not wait for another review - we've had 4 official reviews - they've all said the same thing. ESA needs comprehensive change and we are not prepared to wait any longer. If the political system and mainstream media insist on failing us, if they will stand by while this misery is carried out behind a veil of lies, then we MUST act. And we must act NOW. Together.

The dazzling success of The Starting Gun led 450 people to say what they believe is wrong with ESA. What needs fixing. These will form the basis of our demands. (More to come Monday)

Today, I want people to say what ESA SHOULD do. How it should work. What would you like to see change? How could ESA and WCAs be better for you? How can we make them more efficient? Where can we save money?

Where The Starting Gun was negative, let's be positive. We know what works and what doesn't - we know what needs to change.

So everyone, sick or healthy, disabled or more able, mentally ill, carers, people with learning difficulties, people with fluctuating conditions and terminal disease, charities, unions.

PLEASE tell us in the comment thread what you need ESA to be and how it should work. What you believe is right and just in a compassionate, progressive society.

If you need a little inspiration, go to the #ESAedngame hashtag on twitter, you'll see some people started to give their thoughts last night.

Again, please can I ask you to stick to one sentence where possible and leave your

-Name (or psudonym/social media name)


-And the one thing you most want to change about ESA This is vital for the success our campaign.

This project will ONLY work if you join in. thousands of us are unhappy with ESA, the injustice, the harrassment, the scapegoating, the fear. The ONLY way ordinary people like us can change things is to show that we have a voic. 30, 50, 100 responses won't do. Thousands of us need to tell the country what we want, what we need.

Please, join us, leave comments about what change we need from ESA, share, tweet and support.

YOU will make this work.

Alone we Whisper, Together we Shout.


If you;re "in" please sign Thank you

PLEASE, RT, Share and encourage

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This effects us all

4 Replies

Hi phillip i have sign petition. Just have my application for DLA turn down even my GP was shocked. Think you have to be on your knees before if very lucky to get help.I'm not saying i don't wont to work i am just not capable of full time. All i wanted was a bit of help hay ho that is not going to happen. My lovely partner is happy to help and the holiday will be of take care xx


Thank you for your signiture, I'm sorry you have been turned down for your DLA, I hope you are going to appeal.

I understand about not being able to work, I think most of us are in the same boat but we need to keep going.

You do have a great partner helping you and he is happy to help makes him even greater.



I think i'm going to leave it for a bit coz there are not going to change thier minds. as my rheaumy is saying that i am at the being of treatment i was only diagnosed last year started meds last Sept. In fact saw the rheaumy nurses last wk she told me to stop med as i have ringing in my ears and feeling sick bless her she did say i could go for a steroid jab if things got bad. As it happens i saw my GP the next day he said i could up the napronyn which is helping. Then next week i can start my meds one at a time to see which one is causing the problems i think its the hydrox. this RA its a pain in the bum best go of out for a curry yum and no cooking wright up my street.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have just been turned down for DLA according to their letter they seem to have completely disregarded everything I said. Anyway an ex social worker friend of mine has helped me to do an appeal letter. So here we go again. I would love to work and keep applying for part time jobs as full time would simply be too much. So far no luck. Anyway I will sign the petition because it isn,t fair that genuine people who need help dont get it.


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