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Good stuff!

I used to write a journal and found once I developed RA it was my platform to have a good moan about my lot in life....Did this for a lot of years and recently was referred for some counselling to help me come to terms with some difficult times in my life and my worries about the future.

This has helped me a lot and the moany journal has been replaced with some positive psychology activities which help me to be more optimistic and given me an ability to savour the good stuff!

I recommend this to others who are struggling...I left it way to long, wish I'd done it before I started to wallow in the negative!

Keep smilimg!


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Great idea. I keep a symptom log. I find that this helps when you go to see the rheyumy.

Hoping you having a good day

Sci x


I think speaking to a counseller or pain pyschologist is a great idea, I finally got to see one after being diagnosed for nearly 2 years!


I went over 10 years before I finally admitted how I was feeling...what a plonker!


But to be fair, I didn't know about the help that was available. Now I do I am using it!


Nras do a diary called raise it with your doctor , it has a checklist on each day to say how bad your stiffness pain and fatigue are and also recommends the things you should log to talk to your doctor about I've found it really helpful and so did my rheumatolagist.

I've been recently having counselling after two years and even though I think its better to talk about it I'm still a bit sceptical about some off her methods and I can't honestly say she has helped even after six sessions, I find better therapy in talking it over with those who know and understand me and are not just generalizing.

Mine went through all my family and tried to pick at things even though I never had issues she tried to make them issues and also tried to tell me I should get married to feel secure in my relationship er excuse me I've never felt more secure if he can stick with me after what I've been through last two years then I've no worries and why after seventeen years off happiness do we need a piece off paper to prove to others we love each sorry for the rant and I ain't knocking marriage at all we've always said when we get a windfall we will do it, its just not a priority and won' be what fixes all my problems as my counsellor says.

Even though my only problems I've told her about are the feelings that you are worried what's next, can this disease really get any worse etc oh and my biggest issue non ra related is the loss off my best friend in July, and no amount off talking is going to a stranger (who I can't seem to connect with) is going to heal the way I feel about losing her.

Sorry for the rant lol x

Glad counselling is helping you x

Take care

Julie x x


Sounds like a not very good counsellor, they shouldn't be pushing their ideas like that! I'm not sure my experience has been that brilliant though. I had one who was trying to get me to accept the additional weight I'd put on when I was trying to lose it for health reasons (we all know about strain on joints etc). And a more recent, very good one, did suggest that I shouldn't put too much emphasis on RA. Sort of mind over matter!

But it does help to unload, whether its a journal, counsellor, understanding friends or just the cat. Who I think is the wisest of all.



Sorry for the moan x :)


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