I'm fine but am I unique?

I had a heart scan due to a persistent cough and the x-ray suggesting an enlarged heart.

they had difficulty getting a good image, but my heart "seems" fine, but they want me to see a cardiologist "just to be sure".

my b.p. pulse are normal and the gp listened to my heart and pronounced it "fine".

now the unique bit -

normal heart valve flaps are in three sections, mine has only two :-O

I was born with it am 56 and never had any problems.

I'm fine but am I unique?


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  • Well I've met a few women who have 2 wombs or a divided womb. And apparently the junctions of the veins in my legs are in my lower torso instead of at the tops of my thighs, where they should be. I've heard that lots of people are not standard brand anatomically but of course never get to know about their differences unless a medic does some poking around!

    It must have come as quite a shock to hear that such an important organ is different from the norm. Pleased to hear that you are fine Sandra & I guess you are unique even if others do have exactly the same thing!

    Luce x

  • he made sure he'd reassured me all was fine first. he told me with a smile. :)


  • Glad you were reassured. About 2% of the population have it-a bicuspid aortic valve. Most people don't know they have it until they have an echocardiogram or heart scan done, often discovered when people in their 40s and 50s. They'll poss keep an eye on it over the years but it sounds good that it's behaving itself, any prob wouldve shown up. X

  • My son has a vein in his chest that looks like cancer!! Such a shock when they first took him for scans but now we know we dont have that ...oh by the way he has a funny vein thing any more. Glad you are ok , and you are unique even without the heart valve!! xx

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