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Sulfasalazine and trying to conceive

Hi all.

Has anyone been on Sulfasalazine whilst trying to conceive? I've been off my usual Enbrel medication for some time but am regularly flaing and feel I need something to help me along. I am on a low dose of steroid but it's not holding things as well as i hoped.

I know I should trust the doctors but am worried about being on another medication whilst trying for a baby. Any advice would be very welcome as this is proving a very difficult time :-(

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My rheumatologist told me I would be able to stay on sulfasalozine and hydroxychloroquine. I just need to get to a stage where I can come off methotrexate and the disease be controlled by the other two drugs. Good luck


Thank you, that's really good to know! Are you still waiting to come off the methotrexate?


I think this is an area where you really can trust doctors, as they would be incredibly concerned not to harm your baby and make sure that what they were prescribing was ok. Yes, doctors can be a bit relaxed about some stuff, but not when it comes to pregnancy....not just for your sake but also they know if they made a mistake then they would never practice again so they make sure they don't.


Thank you. I know that you're right and the doctor's do know best. It's just a hard decision when you're planning a baby and your emotions take over. I'm going to speak to my doctor again for some re-assurance but the responses I've got have helped.


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