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Hello everyone! This week I started taking Sulfasalazine along with the Plaquenil which I've been taking this about 8months.

Could anyone give me any insight on how you responded to similar treatment?

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I take sulpha and mtx and i have had no trouble with that mix.xxxxx

Sulfa & hydroxy worked well for me for about 6 months. I now have mtx added to the cocktail.

Lots of people do well with this combo of meds... but if you notice your RA is still not controlled after a couple of months, then make sure you get reassessed.

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I got on fine with this combination.

The sulfasalazine will make your urine yellow/orange and also your sweat can stain your clothes so you need be careful with light coloured clothes.

This combination can dramatically increase your sensitivity to the sun. I needed to use factor 50 when I was abroad and 20-30 in the UK. I did still tan however. My advice is to start high and see how you get on.

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Hello twinks80

I was also put onMethotraxate inj.& tab.sulfasalazine 1gm ...for few years complication. My symptoms got improved. Since I have no pain left now .right now I'm on 500gm sulfasalazine only to manage the disease.

Hope it will work for u also.

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This combination has worked brilliantly for me for last 3 years

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Twinks80 in reply to Hopeful1

That's so good to hear! I'm

Praying it does the same for me!

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Really good with both! Bit of nausea first couple of days with plaque nil then bit of itchy dry skin with sulpha but now no problems! Good luck x

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I was on Sulphasalazine on its own for five years, totally fine with it. I didn't have the yellow urine or sweat! However a nasty chest infection last year made me get a flare up which wouldn't go away. I had a depo medrone jab to control the symptoms and added mtx to the mix. So far, so good and i feel great!

Good luck, Ally x

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Hi I just started sulfazane was on my second week just about to start week 3 I had a servere elegiac reaction against them thought to myself yes this is a breeze, but everyone is different fingers crossed you sail through x

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Hi Twinks80,

I started last year on MTX but didn't get on with and then went onto sulfa which I hoped would help. I got a severe rash and peeling and was taken off that. Have been on Plaquenil and so far so good . It's a body lottery and one which we are not in control of. Having said that, once you get something that starts to help and work for you it's well worth the journey.

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Hi I just starte sulf. A week ago and I fill super tired and also notice soar throat , eventually I'm going to add Arava (LEFLUNOMIDE) I never try this combo, will see how it goes... but everybody is deferent and get different reactions to meds, hope all works for you :))

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