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Just been signed off

Hi, I have RA and got made redundant 3 weeks ago. I signed on for JSA for last 2 weeks but yesterday doctor has signed me off for a month with a bad flare up and depression and it will give a chance for sulfasalazine to start working as only got put on it this week. I have phoned to make a claim for ESA but never donr this before does anyone know what happens next?? is anyone else on ESA? Thanku

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Employment and support allownace


I have just put in for contribution ESA, which is worked out on my NI contributions, if you have done it over the phone, they should call you back and do a interview with you, and then it is just a waiting game, they may contract you back for more information that they need EG proof of who you are and where you live, and will let you know if you need to go for a medical, but they should of explained this to you when you rang them, if you sent it by post i would think that they would still ring you at some point or send you a letter, if you don't hear anything within 2 weeks i would contact them,I hope this helps ,Take care xx


Hi Becky26

I'm sorry to hear about your redundancy. There is quite a lot of good information about the process of applying for ESA on the DWP website, including a 'claimants journey' guide:

Disability Rights UK also produce a useful factsheet on ESA:

If you have any specific questions the Benefits Enquiry Line should be able to help. They are a service run by the DWP but all calls should be confidential and not linked to your claim: 0800 88 22 00.

I hope all goes well with your claim.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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