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methotrexate and wanting to use SERENITY for the menopause

As any one tried this SERENITY while taking methotrexate and what about the regular blood tests because of the methotrexate isn't this hormone SERENITY picked up and questions asked the doctors do say not to buy any over counter meds believe me I need help with the turns hot bouts I am having to put up with

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If you're having problems with hot flushes I'd go to my GP and discuss going on HRT or something similar rather than taking something unregulated and possibly quite dodgy. I use HRT with methotrexate and it has helped hugely. Yes, there are risks with taking HRT but at least they are well known and not that high if you only use it for a year or two. If Serenity hasn't been tested properly then who knows what risks it could have. Polly.


I was taken off hrt christmas 2011 and i have ben not well since and the sweats are really getting me down so much the dr gave me clonidine 25mg to help with the sweats, so we will see how i go. You don't have to suffer,i would reccomend hrt. I was on it such a long time thats why i was taken off it. Speak to your dr and your rheumy team and see what they say.xx


Hi, I'm using Serenity (as well as taking Sulfasalazine) after speaking to my GP and 2 local pharmacists for advice. I was advised to come off HRT last September, due to adverse impact on fibroids (after being on it since RA diagnosis 2 years ago) and was flung straight back into constant hot flushes (ave 3 per hour, day and night!). Serenity is a natural bio identical progesterone which is absorbed through the skin and helps to balance out the oestrogen levels in the body, to avoid the symptoms associated with Oestrogen dominance (menopause symptoms), supposedly without any of the side effects of artificial HRT. The effect it had on me, was to bring on a period, which I hadn't had for 5 months and, so far, no return of the hot flushes! It's still early days, but I am impressed so far!

If it doesn't work for you, then prempak c is the lowest dose of HRT, which worked fine for me, but it will mean taking more tablets each day ( 1 or 2 depending on time of cycle). If anything I think the HRT helped my RA symptoms.

Best of luck, whichever you choose!



Hi annieanddorris

As the others have mentioned, it is important to discuss any non-prescription or natural medications you are considering with your GP, rheumatology team or a pharmacist. Even if they are natural products they may still interact with prescription medications.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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