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I've been taking methotrexate for RA for 2 years in July. I started on 15mg for the first year then had to up it to 20mg. I've noticed over the last 6 months or so my skin is terrible. I have a rash/spots on my face and neck and sometimes get them on my arms and stomach. Does anyone else suffer with their skin whilst taking methotrexate?

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  • Yes I find that my skin is awful. I now get red areas and spots which I assume is sun damage due to reduced immunity. I have fair skin and get non melanoma skin cancers from time to time anyway and the dermatologist said all DMARDS make this worse and biologics are even more likely to affect the skin. I'm quite fed up with it but it's a trade off I suppose, pain and possible deformity or damaged skin. Great!

  • I have noticed my skin is very dry since starting MXT. I try a drink lots of water but doesn't make any difference.

  • I have always had really good skin but I take 25mg Methotrexate. Since then my skin has started flaking and I have almost acne type spots all over my face. Also, almost mole like spots all over. It's awful especially since the high dose of Methotrexate doesn't seem to be helping my RA.

  • Hi I have never had spots even Jan my teenage years but in the last few months I seem to be getting spots on my face I noticed one on my neck yesterday maybe,it is the medication I will ask at next appointment X

  • Yes I do too especially on my cheeks and neck like you 😔

  • Have done in my early days but they receded after two or three weeks and no problems since. This was also after an increase in medication from 12-15mg. Methotrexate is a powerful drug and in the 8 years I've been taking it my liver lipids have been erratic to say the least! Stick with it. You should be ok! Keep smiling!

  • Thank you all for your replies, much appreciated. Does anyone have any tips to help their skin when taking methotrexate? I've tired eliminating different foods and drinking more water but nothing helps. I've bought different face washes etc. but im at a loss of what to do now and it's really getting me down :(

  • Cag try taking vitamin should do some research on it, I am taking 15mg Methotraxate, and my skin has improved recently, so can only put it down to Vitamin D3, I take it to help with my immune system, as I kept getting chest infections.

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply. I've been taking Vit D for about 3 years or more as my blood test shown I had a deficiency. To be honest I sometimes forget to take it and often miss days. My Rheumatologist has told me to take antihistamines but again I'm having no luck 😕

  • Try the Budwig protocol of cottage cheese and flax seed oil, worked miracles for me..... Take four ounces of fat free organic cottage cheese and 2 tablespspoons of cold pressed organic flax seed oil, blend it with stick blender for 30 seconds or until oil disappears, once it is blended you can add anything to it but not before, miracle worker for me and a few that I know...please contact me if you have any questions......quite safe I am told...... take this daily by the way in three weeks a transformation....

  • Thanks I'll give this a try 👍

    What do you normally put with it?

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