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Hi Beeper here. I went to the hospital and had my X-rays for my chest infection as you may recall. Then went and made a breathing type test where you sat in a glass booth and had to do various test breathing into a tube. Anyway on Monday I started taking the above meds, call anyone tell me how they have gotten on with them. I know we are all different but just wanted to see what may lie ahead.

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I havent taken it , It is an immunosupressant drug, it can take up to three months to work(if no response after this time it is stopped),

Side effects are more common than some of the other drugs. It is less commonly used for RA than previously ,I have only seen one prescription for it in RA use and it was some one going back on it again after several years, im assuming that what they had been using instead was no longer suiting them!

side effects that may occur are nausea, vomiting and diarrohea.

Requires regular blood tests like most dmards..I hope it suits you, If it suits people it can work well



Hi Beeper

You may have already read the patient information leaflet for Azathioprine, but if not, you may find the link below of interest:

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