makes ya wonder whats going on with our food out their especialy when he talks about the people who have got bugs inside them and done real damage

was interesting last night on play back 2nd epesode the guy who got a bug in side him that hid itself in his nerve system.

maybe we have all had a dodgy piece of somthing to eat.


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  • Hiya John, I have watch a little bit of it, But have also watch programs about this in the past, It does put you of eating out, I can't believe the way some of these takeaway and restaurants look after their kitchen's, you really can't tell sometimes when you are just a customer,

    But then some of them people actually live like that john, you would be surprised,

    My mate years ago used to live in a tower block in Elephant and Castle...The hole block was running a live with Cockroaches Even though the council came regular to try to deal with them, it was other people that wouldn't open the doors to let them in, I felt so sorry for her, she had 2 kids, and they were just everywhere, and the council wouldn't move her, They kept saying we are doing what will can to solve the problem, Now the block has been demolished after all these years, i done a hygiene course, so i saw a video and the way food positioning can make you really sick, I think these inspectors need a medal, because i don't think i could keep my cool, it's just common sense john, hope you are well john,

    Tale care Xxx

  • yep been to my own phisio tens machine on knee then pins shoved in me anckle and knee that seemed to wake somthing up if only they had put the electricity through as well im sure i can take 10WATT well ya got to spend ya money some how 30 quid

    now its what i cal a w.a.s wait and see.

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