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Another Newbie!!!

Had RA 2 years now and many of the comments I read I can relate too, some I can't.

I have been to some of the dark places you go to when its bad but at the moment even with all the bad weather, I feel 18!

When the medication works I feel as if I have nothing wrong with me, as is the case at the moment, they're calling me "Perky Pete" at work and a good chuckle is as good as any medication i,m on at the moment.

I see comments from people new to RA getting down,understandable, but I just wanted to say that with the right course/mix of medication (I,m on my 3rd attempt) the pain may go away for months, it has with me.

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Good on ya Pete! always good to hear positive stuff.

If you feel 18how old are you? haha! 25?



Oh!, an email just landed telling me you had replied, thank you.

Life with RA, or life in general my glass is always half full, rarely half empty. Hard at times as we all know, its just my way of dealing with things and btw, I thought the pic of Mr Benn would give some peeps an idea of my age, I was 10 when it was first transmitted :)


HI guess late 30s.. early 40s?? im on my 3rd lot of medication too, and it starting working about a month ago xx


You have a great attitude and i'm really pleased your meds are working so well

I remember watching Mr Benn first time around too and that's all i'm saying about my age !!!

Hope to see you on the forum

Julie x


Deary me, still guessing even with the advent of Google ...

Mr Benn was first transmitted in 1971, I was 10 then ... if your struggling counting take your shoes off :)


You mean slippers surely ;)

I just remember Mr Benn, looks like you have 8 years on me :) I shall remember your PMA next time they harpoon me with steroids, having a good day today so I'm off to make the most of it ha ha ttfn


morning pete, i can remember andy pandy, i can give you 6yrs mate. Trying to stay young is hard,me i dye my hair all different colours and my nails are the same.I no longer work,not my choice i got made redundant 2yrs ago and i feel i won't get another job at my age and with what i've got wrong with me. I try to make an effort to go out everyday just to see people and it helps keep me part of the human race.

We will all be here for you, we swap advice and tips and cheer each other up when we are down.

Anyway pete welcome and hope to see you on here often and i hope your meds keep you going.

Sylvia. x


Hi Pete, Like Sylvi I can probably give you a few years as well. been diagnosed nearly 4 years and still get flare ups which are managed by the occasional steroid injection as well as my normal meds, MTX and Enbrel. + pain killers when required.

Like you, at present, I feel good - the RA has settled again but don't know for how long. Hoping it will last a good bit longer. Can't dance any more apart from a slow waltz although I do try to do a bit of head banging to Status Quo!

I can also remember Andy Pandy and Muffin the Mule when I was little, and children's hour on the radio! We were talking about that the other day so I think senility is creeping in slowly! Also taken my hair colour back to its natural red so feel better anyway.

This is a brilliant site to let off steam, get support, and as Sylvi says swap advice, tips and ideas.

Hope all goes well for you. LavendarLady x


Hi and welcome ,great to hear how well you feel and a real possative boost.Thank you.


Wow, I go to work for a day and come back to all these posts from the ladies!!

Seriously though, thank you for such a warm welcome.

For weeks I have been reading this site and yesterday decided to dip my toe, glad I did.

Power to the people with RA, oh and the meds :)


Hi Pete,

I'm new too.

Like you i have been feeling great for a long time now and agree with you that a good sense of humour and a positive mental attitude can go a long way and for me a good walk in the fresh air with the dog works wonders!!

i think that you have to make the most of your life whilst in "remission".

All the best to you,



HI Pete - thanks for the positive post - means a lot i am starting on my second lot of treatment and i am up and down all the time -

As for Mr Benn, who is that? obviously i am far too young ever to have heard of him.


yeh same here lol xx




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