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First major flare up in long time: I feel pitiful.

I apologise, but I feel really sorry for myself. The last couple of weeks have been growing steadily worse until they reached joint glowing torture. I feel absolutely bloody awful & dearly want someone to talk to.

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Oh Andrea, I am here. Sorry to hear that what do you think has caused it if anything? Have you changed your meds? Or been stressed?


I don't know. My meds haven't changed. Still the same Enbrel every Friday, as a matter of course. However, today I got really hacked off & started crying when I was waiting for it to warm up. I think I get hacked off with the whole thing x


Sorry to hear your so low and in so much pain and please don't apologise for posting.I really think you need to get some help with the pain -try ringing NHS direct for some advice .I really don't know what else to say except i am thinking about you and i hope you can get some relief from the pain soon.

Take care and keep posting

Julie XXX


Oh Andrea, how are you now, can you get any better pain relief. This bleeping RA is a royal pain in the poverbial and it is so hard to just keep on and on especially when it starts getting aggressive again. I really hope you got something sorted yesterday and you feel a bit better today.


Andrea, I'm so sorry that you're feeling so rotten. I hope that by now you have got some relief - it sounds like you need a big steroid injection to get on top of this. Don't apologise, it's a rotten disease and when it's flaring it's particularly horrid. Get as much support as you need.


Cece x


Hi Andrea

Just checking in to see if your feeling any better today



Thank you, all. I can't believe how everything can degenerate in an instant. I felt grand a few days ago, but to be fair, I've had mini flare ups for a while now. I feel so guilty for feeling sorry for myself: I say to my GP that I ought not to when there's folk worse off than me, especially service men & women. I visited Liverpool Disabled Association yesterday as well. I felt that what I have is absolutely NOTHING! I'm feeling sorry for myself because I can't make a cup of tea, or turn over in bed. This flare up has hit me hard, because I had forgotten what it was like not to be able to wipe my bottom properly, squeeze a sponge when washing or write a sentence without looking like I'd had a stroke. What I need is a good, hard kick up the backside, because there's people worse off than me. The short answer is, "Yes, I feel better!" Thank you xxx


Hi Andrea, It so often feels like its 1 step forward and 2 back doesnt it, I agree it almost comes as a shock when suddenly you cant do things again, or only with pain. This RA is so exhausting and really tests your emotions, a few months ago i was telling people- 'guess what i've done--- filled my car up with petrol- they all looked at me a bit confused- not realizing what an achievement it was for me to be able to do this, then the other week i really struggled again- crap hands wouldn't squeeze the trigger- i was nearly in tears at the pump! I think half the problem is you never quite know from 1 day to the next how you are going to be- i share your frustration, glad today has been better for you. Plan a treat for yourself- you deserve one! take care, x


Hi Andrea, I am glad you last bit was yes you are feeling a bit better, these things happen to us, it all so unpredictable, its like life in that way.

Have a nice relaxing Sunday tmaro. I am working my way thru the box set of 'mad men' its great.




Don't be so hard on yourself .Pain is pain whatever the cause and you did not inflict RA on yourself anymore than service people ask to be injured.Everyone is entitled to a bit of self pity every now and again!

Glad your feeling better

Julie xxx


Hope you can be free of stress - you were having problems at work recently I think? In my experience stress goes together with pain and flares. I do hope it all lifts a little bit.

Cathie X


Andrea, don't apologise for being down,thats we are all here for,we've all been through where you are now and understand completely.I was at a wedding yesterday,more of when i blog about it,having a lovely relaxing day and all of a sudden needed to lie down,it was like i had hit a brick wall. It ended with hubby having to take me back to the hotel to rest before we went for a meal with my cousins. Yes i had a cry on the way back as well,sometimes i find its the only way to relieve the stress. Take care my friend. Love, sylvia.xx


So sorry to hear that you have been feeling like this.

. .. My reach is like yours! not great !so I have been thinking about having a special washing toilet lid attached to mine to help with this it might be worth you looking into this?.. they fit to normal toilet and have a washing drying system.

My colleagues moan about my handwriting they dont have RA!

Do hope you are feeling a bit better physically and emotionally xx


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