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Anyone experience increased fatigue when taking Sulfazalasine?

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else experiences increased fatigue when taking Sulfazalasine. Im also taking mtx (1 x weekly), hydroxy, prednisolne, folic acid (1 x weekly), Tramadol and fluxotine. In the past week, I have had the most awful fatigue, I think I have ever experienced since my diagnosis in January (by GP, confirmed March by Rhuemy). Has anyone else experienced similar. I have spoken to my Rheumy nurse, who has increased the prednisolne, which she says may help. My ESR is still high,so I know my disease is still very active, along with the pain in hands, wrists and knees. While I'm having a moment (lol) does anyone get restless legs? Mine are driving me insane!! They get worse the more pain I get in my knees!!

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i also experience fatigue with the sulfasalazine. i break it up into 4 doses during the day and that helps some

good luck



Hi Fussie

Having looked in the patient information leaflet for sulfasalazine I can see that fatigue isn't listed as a common side effect of the drug. As you mention, it may be a sign that the disease is still quite active. I hope the increase in prednisolone helps, but it may be that some small adjustments to your other medications (specifically the DMARDs) may help to get the RA under better control and in turn help with the fatigue, if not.

In terms of the restless legs, there is quite a lot of useful information on the NHS choices website (please find link below), including some simple lifestyle changes that can be made to help with this:

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



always have bad fatigue, and reallly bad hot sweats, sulfa wasnt working for me so i got put onto MTX, today actually , havent got the pills off the doc yet.

its the fatigue and hot sweats thats i just cant handle.


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