Saw GP today as in so much pain. As I had to miss MTX and anti tnf last week because of the cold and antibiotics, have had a bad flare. Been put onto diclofenac suppositories for 10 days (or as long as needed to allow the MTX etc to kick in again). GP says should give me 18 hours pain free and bring the pain under control. If not he will inject the worst shoulder next week.

Has anyone had experience of these suppositories? LavendarLady x

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Hi LavendarLady, I'm sorry can't help you on that one. When I was reading my first though was " suppositories??

Either way I hope they work for you sounds like your suffering a lot at the moment.

May be a good idea to get the shoulder injected, sometimes they work extremely well for people.

Hope you feel better soon, it seems to be on thing after the other for you lately.

Take care and let us know how you get on, and if the suppositories work for you.

mand xx


Dear lavender. one assumes you know how to use then and were??!! ( no im only jesting not being patronsing!)

The theory is they can access the blood stream via fine blood vessels in that certain thin mucosal area., and bypassing the stomach side effects associated with oral diclofenac can be avoided .. alison xx.

Think I used them years ago for bad back pain.. I currently have bad back pain again.. but I am having physio, painkillers and a small stash of diazepam.. it like trying to pull a tooth to get diazepam prescribed these days.. !! xx


Thanks summer, that's more or less what the GP said. Bit daunting prospect though but anything which relieves the pain and discomfort and helps me to sleep as well has got to be good.

Also now got appt next week with my rheumy consultant who was concerned at the flare up.

Thanks Mand as well. LavendarLady x



The D. S. sound like a good idea, I use diclofenic randomly for pain and they don't really agree with me. I hate to say it but supps are quite easy to use,

Sorry to hear you have had a flare, I too missed my mtx a couple of times lately due to colds, sore throats, coughts etc, but I chanced my Humira as did'nt want to miss that also.

I actually forgot to take all pills tday, and just on bus home from work realised the pill pack is under my key board in work, Missed anti dep and thyroid meds and plaquinil, oh well too late now, doubt will kill me, aaaagggghhhh! only joking that was me keeling over!.



Hi Everyone, the diclofenac lasted approx 12 hours until 5.30 a.m. when the pain started again. But I did have a better night's sleep. The pain this morning is less than it was but have developed over the last 3 days trigger finger which is very painful.

Certainly feel brighter this morning and my get up and go which had clearly emigrated appears to be coming back!

Thanks for your support. LavendarLady x



I spend a lot of time in France, and there the use of suppositories is completely the norm. They think it's weird that we are generally a bit squeamish about them as drugs absorbed more easily, don't mess with stomach. are a more reliable route, and easier to get into little babies & kids. Just about everything comes in suppository form there! Polly


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