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hi all , just to say got my results back on ,laryngoscopy, good news, nothing nasty , just going to check me in 2months, as my voice, still comes and goes. told him i have R.A, HE SAID THAT CAN MAKE YOUR VOICE FUNNY, , SO been trying all week to get hold of my rheum, to see wots meds they are going to put me on, as only been on methotrexate, injection,which , was put up to 20mg, 2months a go. which now i get nausea, along with the hot sweats, as got bad side affects from salazopyrin,&hydroxychiloroquine., and because i have been of work, sins, Feb, got work on my case, now, ,to go to meeting, , because, i can not get my r,a, under control , with the meds,, so time to get on , and push my rheum, or i am going to not have a job soon, , , oh the joys, of keep trying to fight for things in life. take care, to you all, jo, x

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Jo, its no joke is it being in so much pain is it. Ring your rheumy and see what they could do to ease your pain. If you get too much hassle from work through the disability act at them.You shouldn't be getting this hassle while your off sick. I am sending you cyber hugs. Love sylvi.xx


Hi Jo, good news that nothing nasty was found :-) So ra can make your voice funny? Something else to look forward to I suppose. Hopefully it will clear up and go away as mysteriously as it arrived. Good luck with getting your meds under control so you can get back to work. I'm not working right now and its bl**** boring!

Paula x


thanks just got hold of my rheumy, told her wot going on, me bit busy at the Mo, so will phone you back, when i get a Min, so will have to wait,, thank you both for your comment back, will keep you, up dated, :),jo,x


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