I am waiting to see the specialist next month to confirm my RA - but wondered whether anyone else has suffered from cold like symptons?

I seem to have had a runny nose and bunged up nose for the past three or four months! I am not yet on any medication so it can't be a reaction to them - its just driving me crazy and I don't know whether to make an appointment to see my GP - thanks x

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Hi Erika, if you are worried about your symptoms please feel free to call the helpine on 0800 298 7650. One of the girls will be happy to help you and, just as importantly, they can help you to work out what information you need to get from the specialist when you do get to see them.


Hi Erika - I used to have feelings like I was going down with the flu. Used to put me to bed, and I would be thinking this is it off my feet for a few days. Then it wouldn't develop into anything...?

I discovered my runny and bunged up nose was down to the fact I am sensitive to wheat (not allergic). It bloats me out and makes my awfully snuffled and bunged up. When I leave it out of my diet (almost completely) my head clears?

Let's hope you get some sort of outcome from your consultant appointment, so you know what you are dealing with.

Good luck

Jukie xx


Thanks for the reply - I did go to the docs this morning - she thinks it is probably hayfever!!! So put me on antihistimine! x


Yes my experience was more like flu


I was told I had RA by my GP back in April and have flu like aches and pains most of the time now as well as other more painful, stiff and swollen times - but my consultant did not confirm RA as I had expected - rather he just felt better to wait and see how things pan out until next apt in November. I thought I should warn you just in case you don't get the confirmation/ certainty you are expecting. Good luck.


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