Less Active? no1

Am I talking about exercise. I could be?. we all need to do some thing even gentle stretches. to help keep us more mobile. protect and strengthen muscles around joint which help maintain function. I think when we have a bad phase we need to rest more and listen to our bodies.

when we are well we need to do more..

Southampton nhs has done a study of the benefits of exercise on arthritis

there is no further funding for this study.. but sensible light exercise is beneficial.. physically and emotionally

Nras I think has an article on this topic in one of their publications too!

Also if we take in more calories than are bodies needs eg due to inactivity we gain weight!!. its fact.. now I do know what it is like to be inactive..from personal experince.. and what happens.. is that the same food is usually eaten as when we are/ were more active.. I was looking at myself in the mirror at the gym.. have recently returned to tai.-chi.. a short dumpy weeble stared back it was/ is me!!,I am trying to sort my weight now.. steroids are being reduced.. by me..dr lets me sort this.. he respects my professional judgement to do this in a sensible./ controlled way

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  • Hi Summer. Very interesting and informative blog. I think we had one or two blogs earlier on about gentle exercise particularly stretching. I have a good stretch in the morning before I get out of bed. I copy what our cat does! When I get up I have another stretch to get the kinks out which does seem to help. I am certainly more mobile as a result in the morning. You are quite right, I think we eat too much and should cut down on the calories as we are no longer so active. I don't use the gym as I got so bored. But I do try to walk, go up and down stairs regularly, do a bit of gardening (not much otherwise the gardener gets annoyed and as I am paying him can't afford to lose him!) and try to keep active. I have a rest in the afternoon particularly on the 2 days I have been working. Can't walk that far but manage to stagger down to the green with the dog, walk round it and then back up to the house. Never tried tai-chi but have heard it is very good. Must see if there is somewhere round here to go. Sometimes if there is a really good piece of rock music on the radio, I do try to dance to it but then collapse!

    Love LavendarLady xx

  • Love the dancing comment! That's me…I do so miss a good bogie! I shall never stop trying tho xxx

  • Ops…bOOgie even!

  • Firstly good for you Alison. It is so hard to be active with RA, we all know we should try but alas easier said than done :) I do as you know have my bouncer & try & keep active but its a far cry from how I was & would like to be :)

    From one weeble to another he, he xxx

  • If we're talking about weebles, count me in! LavendarLady. x

  • Ha, ha :) xxx

  • The nutritionist worked out for me that my BMR (basal metabolic rate) means that on days when I am completely sedentary, my body will only burn 1500 calories. That means reducing calorific intake by 500 calories in order not to gain weight - for me that means snacking on fruit rather than cakes, biscuits etc. I'm very aware of this at present whilst I'm under 'house arrest' post op!

    I enjoy a good, albeit stiff-legged boogie around the kitchen and put loud music on whilst I use the (impact free) cross-trainer. My knees, feet, hips, spine (well whole body really!) don't like me dancing though. I have a good friend (ex-boyf) who being 6 ft 7 and about 5 ft wide allows me to stand on his feet whilst he whisks me round the dance floor:-)

    Cece x

  • wow girls go.. now back to exercise and nice stuff do you want a stay in a holiday inn spa hotel at begining of december with xmas lunch (3 course xmas meal 15.50 or dinner and dare I say dance for £20.oo any takers.. for this idea?

    Location holiday inn just of m5 near 11a.. also within taxi ride of rail station

    was thinking of either lunch on dec10TH( Sunday Xmas Lunch!) or some kind of dinner dance sat eve prob 3rd dec?.. they in addition to usual offering an 80s themed one available?

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