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What does "negative for antibodies" mean?

Saw my consultant yesterday and he mentioned that my blood tests show negative for antibodies and that this means I have a less aggressive form of RA.

I know I test positive for Rheumatoid Factor (and have since I first went to the doctor about joint pain) so what does the consultant mean.

It wasn't until driving away from the hospital that I wondered what he meant by it!? Anyone else know?

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Hello Nikk

I wonder if he means you are "anti-ccp" negative? The anti-ccp test wasn't around when I was diagnosed but my understanding is that it is a more specific blood test indicator than the rheumatoid factor test. Not really sure but maybe it is possible to be RF positive but anti-ccp negative which could perhaps be a better indicator than RF of the potential aggressiveness of the disease. Not sure if that makes sense but just a thought.



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