Stiff STiff Stiff

Stiff STiff Stiff

I was diagnosed with RA when i was 21, been suffering with it for the last 7 years. Ive been on MTX ever since, but it makes me feel miserable, depressed and just want to vomit, lately my joints are stiff all day everyday. In so much pain! Can someone tell me what i can use for the pain? MTX no longer working and only seeing my Rheumatologist next week. Is it safe to take Cortozine injections?


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  • You poor thing,i wish i could say something that will make your life easier. It might be better if you wait to see your rheumy,there is paracetamol that you can take that won't affect your drugs. I would ring your rheumy this morning for advice. Best wishes sylvi.xx

  • THank you sooo much, highly appreciate it

  • Hi Imoches21 - sorry you are suffering so badly. I

    t sounds as if your next rheumy appointment is very timely at least so I would wait for that because he or she will probably add in another DMARD which should help - and may suggest a steroid injection to tide you over while the second drug takes effect. I think RA sneaks round these drugs sooner or later for many of us. I know I hate being stiff - it's worse than the pain for me as it makes everything so slow and makes me feel trapped somehow.

    MTX makes me feel low and tired and nauseous too and I dread taking it now but I've only been on it for 8 months and it's working really well for my joints - although I'm also taking Hydroxichloraquine now too which seems to be a good combination of therapies. Well done you for sticking the MTX for so long. I really do hope you get some relief soon but ask your GP what to take for this week while you wait. Ibuprofen or Naproxen combined with paracetamol or Tramadol might help but you should ask a doctor first. Tilda xx

  • THankx will do. Its very frustrating and painful especialy when it comes to doing things such as changing the baby's nappies, or taking a bath or even getting dressed. I'm just so tired of being in pain!

  • Oh I really do feel for you so much. It's hard enough for me and I was 48 when diagnosed with 3 teenage sons. Getting it at your age with a baby must be terribly difficult but I really hope they can help you by getting you sorted with a new combination of therapies. Make sure you really let the rheumy know how bad things are and explain about the baby and nappies, bathing etc. I think it helps if they see you as a human being rather than simply another patient so please don't be scared to show your vulnerability. The younger you are the more important it is that they treat you effectively and see a lot of you to monitor whether the drugs are being effective or not. Big cyber hug and good luck. Tilda xxx

  • Hello,

    The injection you ask about, is it a steroid? if so, I would recommend it, I was diagnosed after giving birth and a full on flare left me unable to do very much, once I got a steroid injection, the stiffness improved, as well as the pain ect; was able to care for baby much better (without having to use teeth to dress her and change a nappy! yuck :) )

    I really hope you get some help soon, it doen't seem as if your RA is under control at all and as Tilda suggested, I'm surprised you haven't been started on another medication (dmard) yet.

    Do you have a Health Visitor? my GP contacted mine, who then arranged someone from social work to pop in every morning when my Husband left for work, she's bath, change Baby, make me a cuppa, offer to help me get dressed and made sure I was mobile before she left. It was really hard accepting this help but it really helped knowing there was some suppport. Thankfully, once I did get the steroid injection, I no longer needed it.

    I realy feel for you for you right now and hope you get some relief soon.

    Take care x

  • Hi, so sorry to hear of your problems. I can only imagine how hard you are finding things, I didn't show signs of RA until I was into my 40's and obviously my family were grown up somewhat by them. I remember how demanding having a young baby was, and I was in good health then.

    I would definitely ask your rheumy about a steroid injection, for me they start to work within hours and what a difference they make. The injection I've had is given in the bottom which then affects the whole body as apposed to an injection into one joint. After being in pain and stiff for a year or so and being on different pain killers I had to ask if I could have an injection or something as the pain killers wern't working. In my case it seems as though 'if you don't ask you don't get'.

    I do hope you manage to get a steroid injection and that it works for you. Bless you dont suffer in silence.

    Judi xxxxxx (and a kiss and hug for baby)

  • Hope you feel better soon. Speak to your rheumy about your pain. Take care, hugs to you.

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