Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all who replied to my blog yesterday about my poorly dog - all of the responses were so lovely and thoughtful and I have been really touched. Tessa is a tad brighter today (yesterday was grim but the pills and potions may just be starting to do their magic), but me and my hubby are a pair of blubbering, useless wrecks.

Thank you once again.

Mags x

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Hi mags,

Have just read your blog, and am so sorry to hear about your doggie. I used to have a rottie ( really bad press , have to be in a loving home ), and i nursed her through cancer, and she had a couple of reasonably good years. I send all my love to you, your family and little tessa.

I hope the treatment gives her some relief and with all your loving hugs, you never know what nature can do. Sending all my good wishes for her health, please don't cry too much , she is in a loving home. Thinking of you.



Hello Mags, Tessa looks so beautiful, she has been part of your family for so long, it must be awful even to contemplate her illness. Hopefully she will rally around. We have a big white golden retreiver and a black lab/collie pup both of whom have wormed their way into our lives.Hope everything works out with her.


Please keep us up to date about your dog as they are part of our daily life also.



Aww bless you both.

A few year ago we lost our Collie who had grown up with the children, I still miss her terribly even though I've had rescue dogs since, a German Shepard and now 2 Cocker Spaniels.

Please keep us up to date with her progress.

Beth x


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