From mtx tabs to mtx jabs!

Am 6 weeks into changing from 10 tabs a week to 22mg injection. The sickness has defintely improved and I feel lots better! Mind you dont think the sickness could be any worse! Only thing I have noticed is mouth seems to be sore the next day and under bottom lip seems swollen. Think a visit to the docs to have that looked at! I have even been able to manage a jive class (at a very slow pace) but was great to take part - first time for two years! Hopefully that might be something can do now and again along with my regular swimming. I feel that i am a member of the human race again! Hope all out there feel good. xx

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Well done on your jive class, even a slow jive is energetic. Long may it continue! Hope you get your sore mouth sorted out. Wendy xx


Keeping fingers crossed the improvement carries on for you and hope the sore mouth can get sorted

Judi xxx


That's great news Susan. I asked the practice nurse about switching to injection and she was a bit iffy said it's down to the rheumy dept she thinks and funding has to be applied for first so might not be anytime too soon that I'm able to switch. I expect it'll be a case of anti emetics for me for a while which I'm dreading - starting to get tablet phobic as I have lots of others I take daily too but those little yelowish MTX tablets fill me with horror now! Long may you jive.. Tilda xx


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