RA and orthopedic surgery

I visited my Rheumatologist last Friday because i could not straighten my thumb, i got sent to see the orthopedic surgeon. Turns out the inflammation had rotted the tendon and they are transferring the spare tendon from my index finger to my thumb..

Has this happened to anyone else, will the rest go the same way.

not looking forward to surgery or the 4 weeks in plaster.

I will also have to stop my 20mg MTX while in plaster.

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Can't offer you any help on this one I'm afraid. I'm fortunate enough not to have too many problems with my hands but hope it all goes OK for you. I'm sure there's someone on here who can offer you a bit more experienced advice.


Why do you have to stop MTX while in plaster? Not heard of that before. I wish you all the best for your surgery.



Sorry no experience of finger surgery. When I had my elbow joint replaced, I was told to come off the MXT for 4 weeks before - something to do with the risk of infection I think. I only stopped for 1 week though - omitted it the day before surgery!! I had not had many colds or anything else during the 6 years I had been on MXT up til that time, so I didn't see why I needed to stop. I only had 3 weeks notice, so couldn't have done the 4 weeks anyway. I was absolutely fine - no healing problems at all! I shouldn't be telling you this of course!


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