Hi all,feeling a right mardy moo today.Im having pain in my left arm between the shoulder and elbow,its going into my wrist and hand too. It doesnt seem to be the shoulder or elbow joint just the part inbetween. Never had this before and the funny thing is i can move my arm up and down and out to the side but if i lay my arm across my chest and try to lift it from the elbow its excrutiating.Its worse in bed as i cant turn over without pain.Its driving me crazy.Has anyone had this? Thanks.k.x

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  • Oh c, it sounds so sore. Think you have to have a chat with the docs to let them see what is going on. Love Axx

  • Sorry to hear you're in awful pain. I had something very similar when my RA first kicked off. It was really nasty, lasted about 24hrs and then just disappeared. I remember sitting in the lounge all night whinging quietly to myself because I couldn't lie down for the pain. Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried painkillers and hot/cold packs?

    Paula x

  • Could it be fibromyalgia,thats pain that comes and goes,check with your rheumy when you next see them.

    Take care sylvi.xx

  • I had pain like this when i had carpal tunnel, get yourself off to the drs. sorry your in such pain. x

  • Thanks for your replies everyone.The pain has eased after a restless night but i can feel it creeping on again.I rang the GPs surgery at half past 8 this morning and was told theres no appointments left for today even though they had just opened! I was told i could pre book one for next Tuesday lol ,but i told the lady no thanks as ill have chopped the arm off with a rusty knife by then.She didnt find my comment amusing in the slightest. . Anyway rang my RA nurse and got no joy there either so ill grin and bear it ,drug up and put on my happy face for work this afternoon. If it persists ill go to A & E . Hope everyone has a good and pain free as possible day. P.S sorry for sounding bitter and twisted.xx

  • Hello Codliver, i have had that as well and the GP said it was bursitis???? It went away with the help of a steroid injection but it is very very sore. My physio was convinced it was something different. You do not sound bitter and twisted, it is too difficult to be patient with stupid people when you are in pain.

  • Hi Mads ,thanks for the reply. Im glad someone can relate to it (not that id wish this on anyone). I had a bad hip last year before i was diagnosed with innflammatory arthritis and i was told that was a bursitis. Im sure theyre guessing half the time. Ill try the docs again in the morning but if i cant get in im going to go to the hosp.xx

  • Hi there i had the very same problem in both arms last year before i was diagnosed the only thing that helped initially after 3 weeks of agony and no sleep was amitriptylene. I then had a steroid injection about a fortnight later and things improved significantly. Good luck xx

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