daz score usefull or not

had my daz score yesterday(4 may) was ask how much RA pain l said 6 to 7 , today its more like 10 going on 101, just shows how much RA can change from day to day today pain in my fingers almost makes me wanna weep so tender to touch, and yet tommorow it'll be gone l hope,but as l said yesterday sen my RA doc and like last time it seems like lm going thru the moitons and really feel p*** off, that it seems they treating me like a loss hope, lest it ld never be a drunk as l cant holda glass for long lolo,,

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Hi beaker, sorry you're having a bad day. If you don't think your doctor listens to you have you thought of taking someone with you next time you go? Might help get the point across that you want your pain taken seriously! Good luck. Polly


Poor you Beaker - it gets you down a lot sometimes and being written off by the med profession is so depressing isn't it? Even I feel as though there's no point in mentioning where I hurt anymore because I just get a "well you do have RA what do you expect?" look now.

But I am having a week off RA almost - only the odd vicious twang in ankle and hands but nothing constant or flare-like and it's so welcome. I know exactly what you mean about this disease - it has you almost feeling human again one day and the next powww ouch! For instance I was walking up the hill to our house with shopping bags today thinking how long it is since wrists have been good enough for this and grinning to myself when suddenly this horrible pain started up in my ankle again - I had to limp past neighbours and then as soon as I was home it was all gone away and no problem walking again.

And in the middle of the night for past few days I've woken with my big toe on one foot in excruciating pain but by morning it only really hurts if I wriggle my feet? How can we ever take this thing seriously when it plays silly bug*ers with us all the time?! And as for rheumies mine won't even see me - can't remember what he even looks like now it's been so long! TTx


at l.ast another ra peep with painfull big toe lol


i have had this r.a 15 years and i feel just as you do , the silly question from doc? how do you feel???in pain, well you have r.a, take pills thanks doc. see you in 4 months ok. i think the depression is the worst. good luck beaker


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