i have had a really bad back which has been at times excruciating the pain is across my lower back and up my right hand side it then rests just under my shoulder blade ive been to visit my gp several times for this their answer is to loose weight my backs always been painfull as i was a care assistant but its never been as bad as it is now anyone else having any similar experiences?

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It seems strange that it is going up into the shoulder blade area. I have suffered from chronic back problems which start in the lower back and usually track into the buttock - sciatica - all due to nursing as well. Sorry I haven't got any answers. Hope it sorts itself out soon.


I am always being told to lose weight as well - but though I know this to be a good idea I also know thin people get bad backs too. I took up the Alexander Technique and ir made a huge difference to me. I don't get back or shoulder pain now. Plus I know I can solve problems for myself and don't have to wait for someone else to do it for me. I hope this helps you. I found an Alexander technique Teacher through STAT (society of teachers of the Alexander Technique).


thanks for your replies not been on computer for a few days been laid up with the back im at gp next monday for my results from visit to the multi skeleton practitioner so hopefully i may have an answer even though my gp told me she thought it could be sciatica before but she didnt want to commit herself ive harrassed her about my back for ages but all she wants to do is pass the buck i feel very let down by some of the "medical profession" since i moved counties the only good thing to come out of this is that i have got a new rheumatologist which i requested who has listened to me


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