Is Podiatry a main FEETure of your life? Happy feet stories needed please!

Is Podiatry a main FEETure of your life? Happy feet stories needed please!

Hello it's me again - always looking for the perfect candidates!

This time the subject is Feet - a subject close to many hearts I know!

We're on the hunt for Solution Stories with an uplifting and positive thrust.

If you've had foot problems that have impacted your life is many different ways and THEN got an appointment to see the podiatrist/orthotist/had gait analysis and got a pair of insoles or something else which made a real difference, so now you can do all sorts of things you couldn’t before and you don’t have nearly as much pain.

Surely there must be some of you who have such a tale to tell?

I'd welcome word from you please, and of course a very big thank you as ever.


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  • I'm going to the Ped in early April, so I hope to have my feet sorted then, I have Diabetic Neuropathology as well as the RA problems.

  • I just went to the podiatrist last week and he did a long assessment , put my feet in"oasis" type stuff and let me choose a shoe design that i liked. Hes getting them made for me and put in thick insoles that will protect my feet and make it more comfotrable to walk. i go back in april too.Axx

  • I had my toes straightened a few years ago. For years before that I could only wear trainers so it impacted on my social life - you can't look dressed up with trainers. I had almost stopped going out to anywhere where I could not wear jeans.

    Now I can wear any of the lovely flat shoes around so I am now able to wear dresses and skirts again. I feel like a new person and I now have a busy social life again.


  • hi i noticed that you said you have had your toes straightened my orthapaedic surgeon wants to do this to mine but im very wary as i was warned against it but as they are that painful im seriously thinking of having them done as you have been through it yourself would you reccomend it to others

  • I would certainly recommend having it done, for me it was `lifestyle changing'. I have had toes on both feet done at different times.

    No problems at all, even with the second op where, because I had no pain and only discomfort for a couple of days after the op, I kept forgetting to wear the special sandal which they give you.

    I don't have any pain in them now and of course, I can wear fashionable shoes again.

    My consultant said I may have to have them redone because of the RA but they haven't bent again yet and it is 3/4 years since I had them done.

    As with any op there could be problems but I would certainly have it done especially if you are in pain. The only downside for me is that I have lost some sensation under my toes but to be honest, that is not really a problem.

    If you have any more questions do get in touch.


  • I had my right foot totally reconstructed in 2008 and I feel like I have a whole new foot! It rarely hurts anymore and I'll never have another dislocated joint in that foot again. My big toe is fused and the other 4 toes' problem joints were removed. I can't ever stand on my toes again, but that isn't a problem for me since I couldn't do it for years before that either.

    I'm so glad that I had it done.


  • I am currently under the podiarist at the moment. I have insoles given me and i brought another pair. I find that whatever shoes i wear when i go they are the wrong sort of shoes. I've got some toe separaters in both of my feet in the hope that it would help my hammer toes. I have also brought a pair of house shoes and they don't come cheap,they had better last. They are more firmer to wear around the house.


  • Several years ago I was given some orthotic shoes with a rocker (old fashioned) on one shoe to wear, whilst waiting for an ankle operation. These were soooo successful that I nearly didn't have the ankle replacement operation (if only!)....and the rest is a sad tale!!!

  • Thanks to all of you who have so far responded to my request. I'll be back in touch the week beginning March 26th but would be most grateful if those of you who have a happy story to share could email it to me on - thanking you very much indeed!

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