I have never been so ready for a break in all my life!

It has been manic on our ward for the last few weeks, I've probably done 9+ extra hours in the last 10 days.I've got to Thursday and I've woken up exhausted (even though thanks to my friend amitryptriline) I slept. every muscle in my body is aching and stiff, my hands, though to the onlooker probably look ok, are swollen, stiff and sore, I've gone from a comfortable small glove at work to a getting tight medium! I feel like I've been run over by a bus! I had a steroid jab 3 weeks ago but it has worn off already and my thumb bases have swelled and are sore, but splints get in my way at work. My husband told me to ring in sick, but we are so short staffed this week due to the vomiting bug that attacks every year, we are all in the same boat! knackered! Relief is in sight though, on Saturday I've got 2 weeks off and I'm off to mum and dads on my own for a week, then I have another week off after that, thank goodness I had hours to take before the end of the financial year! I've agreed to a couple of baby shifts to help out during the second week but my batteries will be recharged by then.Hey Ho, whinge over....onwards and upwards

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Hope you have a lovely break. sylvi.x


Oh poor you. Its awful when you feel guilty if you cant do the extra work but feel guilty saying no. I ended up getting caller display on my phone so i knew who was phoning and only answering when i knew i could do the shift!!!!

They have taught me a lot on this site about pacing, but I am hopefully getting back to work ~April time and i know the hardest thing will be trying to say no to covering shifts etc!

Have some lovely time off and dont answer that phone!!!!!

love Axx


Enjoy that well earned time off! x


Hi, hope you are feeling loads better by now.

Have a great break you deserve it



Enjoy your time you have earned it!! We have so many pee takers here who take a week off for a sniifle but people with real issues soldier on. Well done xx


Thank you all, I will xx

ps and just to help m flare decided to subside just on cue - yay xx


HYIA im in the same boat as you working for the nhs is not fun when you feel worse than your patients lol im on red alert at work for sickness all because being sick on the days after MTX sorry but its not nice vomating at work , I so exsausted at the moment 2 , have just woken up after falling asleep when i came in from work i finished at 3 lol BUT im so happy im off for 2 weeks also im going for soome well earnd R&R in TUNISIA first holiday abroard since being diagnosed 2 years ago so im a bit aprehensive about it but gonna do my best to enjoy it to take it easy and enjoy your time off you deservie it !


I know exactly how you feel as I am also a nurse and was working full time up until a couple of months ago but now officially work 3/4 time. Also work 12 hour shifts, which is a real killer. I used to work in the NHS in the UK but now live in very rural France and work in an old people's home. My GP (who also covers the old people's home) despairs of me as he has, in the past, tried to sign me off sick twice and I have told him it is not possible due to short staffing. There are just three qualified nurses and if one is on holiday I feel it has to be life or death before I go off sick because the remaing person would not be able to cover. I know it sounds like martyrdom but it is the way nurses are.


I think the NHS thinks we nurses are super human and can live on fresh air and no sleep! I know what you mean about red flagging Sue, me too! It's as if you have to seek permission to be sick--even when they know you have a chronic condition! Rural france sound gorgeous tiger, but again know what you mean, its difficult to say enough is enough, my gp refused to give me some treatment last year unless I accepted the 2 week sick note that came with it!! he was right to, I was having a major reaction to prednisalone and though I couldn't see it. I would have been dangerous at work as I couldn't think straight because of the drug!! Any way hey ho and all that--going off to catch my train soon, really rotten internet where mum and dad are so will be inconito for a week lol


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