It's typical, almost a week after the event I've found the Mother's Day cards I'd bought, put away safely (or so I thought) and then promptly 'lost'. My partner had a good ratch about for them but they remained elusive...I then had a good old look (you know what men are like) but they still couldn't be found. Had to buy replacements at the last minute, I'm going back to the not-being-very-prepared attitude in the hope I won't lose anything else.

Today there was an almighty crash as a box fell off the tumble drier. When I go to retrieve the contents, low an behold, I find the blasted cards, I couldn't believe it! Why they were in there of all places is beyond me....but anyhow, as long as I don't lose them again they'll do for next year!

Now where did I put my sandwich....??

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  • Hey Em

    I did the same last year, but forgot that I'd done it so bought card this year, so I must remember I now have 2 Mums day cards in my card box. silly grandma.

    Tricia x

  • Eek! At least it was only lost cards but your butty ... Hope you found it in time for lunch!!

    Lyn x

  • Hehe, this week i've forgot;

    I already changes baby Amy's nappy 2 mins before I went to do it again

    What tablets I took this morning

    to thaw the chicken

    turned up wrong day for 'lung function test'

    to tell my neighbour picking son up from school that he wasn't there

    that I left cooker ring on and left baby sterilsier sitting on top!!!

    how to spell

    I'm sure I can also blame post baby brain :)

  • emmm sure there was something else i forgot........

    thats going to bug me now!

  • You blame baby brain - I still do and my baby is 4!! I once set off for school and was convinced I'd forgotten to put baby in his pram, knowing full well I had done but was sure I hadn't! Funny old brain x

  • Hi Jo, I can't blame baby brain anymore he's 16 now!! I'm always double buying cards. I keep them all in a shoe box and when I'm at the card shop I just but a few more for the ones later on in the year. You know the ones with sister/brother/niece/nephew etc, trouble is I never remember who I have bought for and when I get home have already got one or even two for the same person!! Your right, funny old brain it is! lol.

    mand xx

  • Jo - I ate the sandwich.. sorry.

    This made me laugh as it sounded soooo familiar.

    I have a Mother's Day card I bought for my mum one year after I moved away from the Midlands where she is to be with my partner in Devon. I couldn't find it to get it in the post in time and me being me, instead got on the internet and sent some flowers and a pressie through a website. She was thrilled.

    Unfortunately, the card I brought her was not sent the following year either,because she passed away. I still have this card in my "private" box and

    it always makes me smile, because it reminds me of her obviously,and also reminds me how so much like her I have become, she probably would have done the same thing. It's a mummy thing!

    I do miss her..

    Julie x

  • Nice thought Julie to keep the card, lovely funny memories when you look at it.

    mand xx

  • Oh Julie, what a lovely thing to do and that last Mother's Day gift was such a special one (even though unintended). Sometimes these things just happen for a reason.

    Miss my Mum too ...

    Lyn x

  • I cant remember any birthdays etc anymore Im blaming the "Fibro fog" so my friend has set my "funky pigeon account" up with all my freinds and familys birthdays, anniversarys etc in so now I get an email reminder to tell me when they are and so I dont forget after and lose them I purchase them on there and get them sent direct to recipeint.

  • This is brilliant!

  • Have used Moonpig before but funky pigeon sounds pretty cool so might have to give it a whirl, would save needless panic when the time comes! It isn't the first time I've misplaced cards either so I don't think my memory is going to improve anytime soon ;)

  • I never have found the Gift Voucher I bought my son last Christmas!!!!!! Worked out an expensive "loss of memory"!!!!

  • It will turn up ... somewhere, sometime, when you least expect it :)

    Lyn x

  • No need to panic, found my butty but lost my son a bit later on! All safe and sound now though. I keep telling them I shouldn't be allowed out you know ;)

  • Hi Jo

    I think you're pushing your luck a bit! Losing lunch is one thing but Ed ... eek!

    Lyn x

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