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Is there anyone who finds that certain foods can make thier RA any worse?


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I have avoided gluten since the start of my RA. I don't think it makes much difference directly but eliminating it has helped me to lose weight and makes me feel better generally (digestion especially) which in turn is good for the RA. I don't have it too badly compared to when it started so that could be because of the gluten avoidance I guess? TTx

Food is not a problem but alcohol is a big no no for me. I feel worse for days after drinking.

Not directly, but I do think that certain food groups may contribute to some RA cases. I wanted to prove this a couple of weeks ago by doing a proper elimination diet but unfortunately didn't finish the first week, due to feeling so unwell (not due to RA, but just lack of food and too fast weight loss, which my body couldn't take, as I'm underweight already!)

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Ooh, do be careful if you're underweight. RA is a tough disease so you do need to try to stay in the normal weight zone, or at least make sure you're getting all the essential nutrients/vitamins.

I've tried lots of elimination diets over the years. I have established that some meat almost immediately give me swollen joints - too difficult to work out which, so I don't eat any. Too much dairy food likewise, although I can get away with low fat dairy in moderation.

I've tried citrus fruit elimination - no different, gluten free- no different, fructose - no different, etc.

It's very time consuming, eliminating something for six weeks, then re-challenging and requires a lot of self-discipline, so I find it really hard to do.

Reading about it, it doesn't seem likely that people have the same "sensitivities" as each other, so it has to be your own trial and error.

And if you find something that definitely is related to a flare up by more than one challenge, then you need to check that you are not going to miss out on some vital part of your intake and become ill because of that.


This is something I used to worry about when I first got this disease. I was at the stage of looking for the reason. An answer. Something to blame.

I wasted a lot of money on books with advice about avoiding things like:

Milk; tomatoes; nightshade foods; meat; all dairy;

Also the great benefits of being a vegetarian; a vegan; a fruitarian;

I had so much advice about old wives tales and what someones granny swore by.

I think there is an expert called Gail Darlington who did a lot of research in this area.

Nowaday I find that if I minimise wheat and gluten, my digestive system works better. I think that maybe the meds or my Sjogrens have slowed everything down (sort of IBS) and that reducing starchy things is a good idea... for me.

But I imagine there will be people who swear by one thing or another. And that's fine too.

I do try and drink lots of plain water. The pharmacist told me it's a good idea for people on lots of tablets to "flush out their systems" regularly!

Paprika! Couldn't believe the difference it made. Didn't think anything of it when i had it sprinkled on top of a prawn cocktail at dinner but the next day i was in real agony my joints were really inflamed. I put 2 & 2 together when i next had it - yes a favourite of mine when next out to a special meal and again the same result and my husband commented on it as i had found this one a little spicy. I do have prawn sandwiches at home so i knew it wasn't the actual prawns. I do tend not to have anything spicy anyway just to be safe put never thought too much about paprika. Now i avoid it like the plague!! Havent found anything else that plays me up unless i don't drink enough then i feel very unwell so i make sure i drink a lot of water during the day. Sue x


beetroot and curries :(

thanks everyone. My diet consists of sugar sugar and more sugar oh and more sugar!! either sweets, chocolate, choccy cereal, juice, fizzy drinks! even have jam sandwiches nearly everyday. If i dont have something containing sugar i feel weak and get headaches. I have always been able to eat what i want from an early age i was a gymnast til i was 15. Now my teeth r suffering but i have tried to cut down but sugar is like a drug to me! i dont eat any fish although i used to when i was younger but went off it but now i kinda wish i do eat. My older brother is at uni doing sports nutrition and also suffers with chrones diseaseand has himself on a brilliant diet. he has offered to come make me a meal containing fish but not telling me which one.

The only meat i eat is pork ( sausages)! beef (burger)! chicken i love chicken its my fav!! i kinda cant stand the thought of eating a baby deer or a little duck or bunny rabbit! and my 4year old is following in my picky eating footsteps! i drink as much water as poss because i suffer with terrible drymouth. i also am not a very passionate person about food i dont enjoy cooking coz i dont like making a mess!! taking bout food is making me rather hungry! off to raid the sweety cupboard! xx

Not surprising you get headaches when you cut down sugar, it can be quite addictive. But do try to sprinkle a few more useful foods on your sugar, or have some fruit. Banana and chocolate or jam sandwiches perhaps? Can't quite think of a simple fish & sugar recipe tho'!

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Hahaha!! this made me chuckle! i could invent one!!!!

fresh toms but ok with tinned ones