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Still bruised after 11 weeks, is this RA sero + at work?

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My left arm is recovering from the 4 fractures, physio is helping, but reduced range of movement.

The bruising and swelling was extensive, my forearm is still quite discoloured after 11 weeks! I’ve researched, it seems that it might be due to RA, any body know more about this?

Go gently

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I broke my ankle six years ago and it took several years before the bruising began to fade. Indeed there is still a faint shadow of the bruise. The doctor I saw seemed to be verbally challenged and just grunted when I queried this. I eventually got him to say that it would take a while. There was no mention of RA causing this but that discussion might have been beyond this particular doctor. My ankle has healed perfectly and is literally as good as new. Hope your arm heals as well. Just a thought, have you tried arnica for the bruising?

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I wouldn't have thought this was caused by RA as broken bones cause bruising for a long time afterwards.

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Hi Brushwork. Glad to hear that the physio is helping and I hope that in time, you will have a better range of movement. I agree with achyknitter about Arnica cream, it really is very good for reducing bruising. x

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I take a JAK inhibitor and oral prednisolone and have noticed that bruising, even of a minor sort can take weeks to clear.I'm on monthly blood checks, the bruise from the previous month sometimes has not fully cleared before I'm due my next bloods.

I'm rarely without a bruise of some sort, from walking into things , knocking myself.

Platelets etc all normal.

I suspect it is seronegative RA and / or steroids with me.

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I have had bruising that lasts for weeks before gradually clearing for years. It's getting more likely as I age (sorry!).

I'm just categorised as an 'easy bruiser' and my blood tests are almost normal (some marrow dysplasia) with normal clotting factors and variable platelet levels. I had problems with my bone marrow going on strike for a while about 15 years ago, but they check me regularly since then. And I wasn't on steroids then (steroids sorted the bone marrow problem).

It does reduce the chances of having a thrombotic stroke (but increases the chance of hemorrhagic one and my father died of one of those), but that's scant compensation for purple patches everywhere isn't it!

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I’m seeing physio tomorrow, I might ask him. Normally, don’t get much of a response… but hey, it’s worth a discussion.

Thank you for your responses, maybe it is a number of factors

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