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I am continually struggling with watering eyes and frequent bouts of conjunctivitis. Have to opthalmology and they have prescribed some daily use drops and xailin gel to use at night. Still battling and rather than resorting to chloramphenicol yet again was be wondering if anyone has used euphrasia?

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I used it years ago, also used it on my dog who had terrible eye problems (I used to make my own with the dried herb) but I wouldn't use it now unless checking first with rheumatology and the ophthalmologist.

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Hi Gillian

I've had numerous eye problems related to RA, including repeated conjunctivitis type infections. For some time now, I've been using Chloramphenicol once or twice daily prophylactically (under supervision of opthalmology). Not ideal, but has seemed to work. I'm afraid I've never heard of Euphrasia, but completely agree with Springcross when she says please check with opthalmology first - just to be safe.

The only other suggestion I have is whether next time you have one of these infections, would it be possible to go along to eye casualty, explain the repeated infections, and ask them to swab it? It might be that the Chloramphenicol isn't quite shifting it properly, and you would benefit from a more targeted antibiotic drop? This approach was suggested to me by an opthalmology doc, but as the Chloramphenicol has been keeping things calm, I haven't needed to try it yet.

Good luck with whatever you decide X😊

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