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How long to stay off drugs for RA?

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Hi all. I’ve just had a tooth out and it needed stitches. With a low (1) neutrophils count does anyone know how long I have to stay off my Jax inhibitor tablets? The rheumy said ask the dental hospital but they don’t really have the knowledge. Tried leaving a message on the RA helpline but no answer. My GP doesn’t have the knowledge either!

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Sorry i can't help you darling. xxxx

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LesBev in reply to sylvi

Hi Sylvi. Thanks for replying anyway and hope you’re ok!

I continued to take toficitinib after 2 (separate) dental extractions and on the advice of the neurosurgeon when undergoing spinal surgery earlier this year. His view being a RA flare caused by lack of medication is higher risk than infection. I've also got persistent neutropenia.

The wounds whilst a wee bit slower to heal, all did so without any problems at all.

I also continued to take my leflunomide and my daily prednisolone was doubled on the few days after surgery too.

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LesBev in reply to Mmrr

What a helpful surgeon. That gives you confidence!

I had a tooth out with stitches.I actually never stopped any of my RA drugs or warfarin.Apart from fainting in the chair It healed well afterwards

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LesBev in reply to Fra22-57

I’m glad you healed well! And thank you.

My rheumatology nurse advised to stop Methotrexate until the wound had healed. No stitches involved and it healed in a couple of weeks. We're all different and a different drug regime may need different management

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LesBev in reply to Gnarli

Thank you, I’m going with waiting until healed but it’s unnerving not to have a medical view! Hope you’re ok now.

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Gnarli in reply to LesBev

Doing ok, thank you. It's not a hobby I intend to commit to but the dentist was good, very quick and no major pain after. Yes, the lack of medical help and support is worrying. Good luck

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Haz58 in reply to Gnarli

My Rheumy nurse said this also. Not to take MTX until all is healed.

Hi LesBev

It's a frustrating dilemma isn't it..I've had the same thing recently, dentist said ask Rheumatology ..but easier said than done at the mo, so went into the hospital to have my infusion and then spoke to someone face to face and was sent home, but I did have a slight localised infection abpicke the tooth which had been treated with antibiotics.

I've recently had the root canal work done while waiting for Rituxumab, I've been patched up and was advised to wait 2 weeks after until I was healed then my Rituxumab was dental surgery for 2 months after my infusions, so I will go back then to have it finished off.

But that's my situation..each medication is different, but as others have said have to weigh it up, good luck with trying to get some medical advice and hope your wound heals quickly.

Best wishes x

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LesBev in reply to 3LittleBirds2

Thank you 👍😊

For more major ops I come off it for week or two after, or longer say for hip replacement. Never have for even major dental work. But if you got an infection STOP!

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Knip in reply to Madmusiclover

I echo your comment re stopping if you have an infection. My son's wife and two little children have just had positve PCR tests but are currently asymptomatic, or were yesterday, but my daughter in law's lateral flow test was negative. That in itself is concerning...she was only tested when she took the little ones for theirs. During a telephone consultation with my Dermatology Consultant yesterday regarding my alopecia I asked him if my son, who has psoriatic arthritis and plaque psoriasis, should continue taking his Methotrexate or suspend it, given the situation above. His advice was that he would reccomend any of his patients who tested positive to suspend it, but because it remains in the body for six weeks or so anyway, it wouldn't make much difference whether he continued taking it or not. My son is erring on the side of caution and missing it for a couple of weeks. I would do the same in his shoes.

Hi thereI had a tooth extracted and I didn’t go off my meds at all I didn’t feel any different and didn’t have any side effects either. The only time I had to stop taking my meds was when I had to go for major surgery. My surgeon told me that my meds make things mushy inside. I had to stop taking meds two weeks before and two weeks after. Hope this helps. Ken

Hi LesBev, like a few others have said…..I had a tooth out recently and was told by GP (couldn’t get hold of rheumatology) to not stop meds unless I developed an infection which luckily I didn’t and all healed fine.

I had to stop mxt for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after my gallbladder op if that is helpful.

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