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Advice for newly diagnosed

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Hi everyone I'm new on here and newly diagnosed, I have been prescribed prednisolone and omeprazole and are about to start methotrexate but know one has explained about the risk of taking omeprazole when taking methotrexate, any advice would be appreciated please .

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Just make sure you get the blood tests done on time and yes their is a risk and I'm a witness to that but and I mean BUT what happened to me is so rare that its only happened to a handful of people in the world never mind the UK. My advice is try to forget the scare stories and think of the benefits. xx

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Skyler66 in reply to medway-lady

Thank you so much I'm so petrified at the moment I've been suffering for a while and it's took so long to even get to see someone thank you again.

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medway-lady in reply to Skyler66

No need to be frightened just think if 1 in 10 get side effects then 9 don't so the odds are really good and the benefit is immense. I went from MTX to LEF and now AZA and Etanercept and am in remission and have been for years. Yes RA is incurable but it is treatable and for most people life does go back to normal just with a couple of medications or so. Do read the information on the NRAS website as its very helpful and clear. Nearly all medications can have side effects so try not to worry and hopefully you'll get the benefits in a while as some can take a while to work. If not then its onto the next one but hopefully MTX will work for you.

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Skyler66 in reply to medway-lady

Thank you for your kind words and advice I feel so much better listening to someone who has been through so much already thank you, I'm glad I joined the group.

Hi Skyler, welcome to the forum, you will find this place extremely helpful and supportive.Good that you already have a diagnosis and on right path.

I am on Mtx injection for last 2+ years. Same as you , started with Prednisolone for a month then Methotrexate injections were added. After about 6 weeks of starting Mtx, I was able to taper off the steroids. I think they prescribe omeprazole to protect your stomach from Steroids. So I only took Omeprazole for few days.

My RA was pretty well controlled only on Mtx for about 2 years, did not have any side effects apart from some occasional raised liver enzymes. You will be closely monitored & need regular blood tests to monitor liver function. Taking Folic acid supplement helps with countering side effects and is usually prescribed with Mtx.

Hope Mtx works well for you as it did for me. I almost forgot I have RA.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your kind advice I'm so glad your meds have finally got sorted, and I do hope I can get sorted the same. Any preference as to what time of day I should take methotrexate?

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Hi Skyler You asked what time to take the Methotrexate. Many suggest evening so if any side effects while you get used to it you sleep through them. Drinking lots of water is also good. I expect you were told that it takes a couple of months to get full benefit.All the best

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Yes I was told it takes a while, I have decided to take it of an evening as suggested by many of the members fingers crossed thanks again.

I have been taking MTX and Omeprazole for 11 years now with no problems. At first I was on the MTX tablets, so the omeprazole was to protect my stomach. However I have found I still need to take it despite swapping to injections. But I have regular blood tests to check kidney function, drink very little alcohol and lots of water so all has been well.

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Skyler66 in reply to helixhelix

Thanks helixhelix that sounds really incouraging thanks for your help.

Just think of IF this all works how much better you will feel and start living again. It does take time for everything to get set up but all those hurdles done and now time t take the meds that will assist you in hopefully getting to a better place. Keep a dairy if you can of how things are going and remember it can take13-16 weeks to see a difference. I take Omeprazole every day too.

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Skyler66 in reply to Deeb1764

Oh thank you yes I can't wait to get back to feeling better after struggling for sometime, I'm so glad I joined this forum the advice has been so helpful thank you.

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Deeb1764 in reply to Skyler66

If you have any wobble days just come on here and we will make laugh or give you support as we all have days x

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Aww that's lovely thanks so much and I will probably take you up on that.

I’ve been taking omeprazole and methotrexate for years no problems x

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Skyler66 in reply to J1707

Oh that's good, my rheumatologist didn't really explain she just prescribed the meds and gave me leaflets to read I couldn't find any information about taking omeprazole aswell as all the other stuff.

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Most meds for RA can irritate the stomach I’m much more acidic the omeprazole keeps the acid at bay . In my experience he rheumatologist rarely explains any medication I’m about to start he leaves that to the dedicated nurse for each drug. Ask as many questions as you like . It’s brilliant on here always someone who can help x

Thank you thats helpful to know and I will do that thanks again.

Hi SkylerWelcome! We’re all here for the same reason so we’ve all been in that ‘first place of dread’. I was beyond petrified! I think I grieved my old self for about 3 months (plus the pred makes me cry a lot lol) just over a year on and I’m on MTX injections now. My disease is still very active but I’m a million miles from where I was. It’s a journey. Ive taken esomeprazole (same as omep just a different make up) for years and continued it with the MTX and it just helps with the acid reproduction. There’s a lot to take on, a lot to learn but you’ll soon find a space where you pop on your positivity pants and see how much better you feel. This forum is fantastic so use it as much as you need. We’re all here for advice and a sympathetic ear. I will say, the consultants are basically there to make sure our meds are right and our disease activity is playing ball. The specialist nurses are there for all your questions and a listening ear and definitely take as much physio and occupational therapy as they offer. I found it invaluable with a child, 2 businesses and a herd of chickens to take care of. Just soak up the info and make it work for you. 😊 one day at a time! Good luck and be brave x

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Skyler66 in reply to D_aisy

Aww that's so kind I'm so glad I've joined this forum and all the positive advice people have given just on my first time of joining I feel more positive for the long road ahead thank you.

Welcome to the site. Sorry I can't help with your particular combination of meds but there will definitely be others on here who can. All the best

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Skyler66 in reply to Sheila_G

Thank you that's fine, I've had lots of feedback already from everyone I feel more positive.

Morning all 👋Well this is only my opinion, but I’ve been on Omeprazol for many years, have hiatus hernia and pretty severe GERD.

I did some reading up about Mthx when I was first put on it, and raised the drug interaction with my Consultant who rapidly dismissed it.

My liver tests at one point were 189 and I was rapidly put down to 10mg of Mthx, which greatly reduced my ALT, but now, two and a half years later, just isn’t enough to fully control my RA.

After having investigations for possible Crohn’s disease, but has now been diagnosed as severe IBS, I have overhauled my diet and has meant I have reduced my Omeprazol and changed to Lansaprozal 15mg per day from 40mg......low and behold my ALT, which has consistently been anywhere from 35 to 50, has now gone down to 17, which it hasn’t been for years. I don’t drink, teatotal for 14 years, so I’m convinced it was the drug interaction between high doses of Omeprazol. Of course I may be wrong, but I have since written to my Consultant and asked to see her about a review of my medication.

But as you’ve only been prescribed Omeprazol to protect your tummy while taking steroids, it will do the job, and please don’t worry about taking Mthx, it’s saved my life, and the dosage can always be changed to suit. But for me, the interaction did affect my liver enzymes, but as soon as I lowered the dose of stomach protectors, my liver tests went back to normal 👍

Good luck 😊

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Skyler66 in reply to Chockyuk

Thanks for the info seems you have been through the mill for a while but I'm glad you are getting sorted thanks again.

Hello Skyler, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I would also highly recommend the NRAS ‘Newly Diagnosed’ information pack, not just for yourself but for your friends and family to take a look at. Good luck!

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Skyler66 in reply to Katie-Mag

Thank you I will definitely take a look.

I can share info about Prednisolone as I've been taking it for a while. People have different experiences but I've found that it helps to maintain energy levels to cope with the fatigue that is often apparent. You need to take calcium medication to protect your bone health. Mine is prescribed with vitamin D3 as one helps the other. I take probiotic supplements instead of Omazaprole. Methotrexate did not suit me. Take care and allow yourself time to get used to your new situation x

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Skyler66 in reply to Trajectory

Thank you and thanks for the advice much appreciated

Welcome to this lovely forum. So sorry you have had to join us but you are in very good company. I was on omeprazole and MTX with no problems together. I hope that you get on well with the MTX and that it works well for you. x

Thank you yes hope it helps been struggling for a while now and I know I will have to wait for them to work but here's hoping.

Hi Skyler and welcome. When I was diagnosed with RA, my rheumatologist prescribed my MTX, Prednisalone and Omeprazole, the Omeprazole is because of the affect of Prednisalone on the stomach. I think that it's quite standard to be honest. Hope all goes well with you. xx

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Skyler66 in reply to springcross

Thank you very much.

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springcross in reply to Skyler66

You're welcome. x

Hi, I was taking Omeprazole before commencing Methotrexate. The advice I was given was not to take it at the same time and allow at least an hour between taking omeprazole and having food. NRAS had a speaker (nutritionist/dietician) at the beginning of the year on a Zoom meeting at around March time, I believe, and she talked about Omeprazole interaction as well. I believe it was recorded...NRAS will have more info about that Zoom meeting.

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Skyler66 in reply to MerrynP

Thank you I'll Check that out.

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