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After an awful start to the week being in a&e with a suspected spinal compression and then swiftly followed by the private consultant I am in a good place mentally for the first time in about 10months.

I am starting my days eating breakfast under the trees and the cats chilling with me. I am starting to think about picking up on the counselling course I stopped as my brain fog could not let me study. I am feeling proactive.

The fact my wonderful friend paid for the consultant and my allergy testing (happens Thursday) I feel a whole weight of frustration has lifted from my shoulders.

I thanked her yesterday in a note to say I cried tears of happiness yesterday as I felt I had been listened too and had a path to follow.

A lot has been lost this year with friends and family but I can see a light at the end of the dark tunnel now.

AND Olumiant has arrived and on day 3 and no adverse reactions so that has made my heart sing.

Have a lovely weekend all x

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That sounds like some good news darling, long may it continue. xxxx

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Deeb1764 in reply to sylvi

It would be lovely if it does x

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sylvi in reply to Deeb1764

You keep telling yourself it will darling.xxx

Great to hear 🥳 Being listened to and having action taken makes such a difference. Keep following that light ☀️ That cat is gorgeous, by the way!! Xx

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Deeb1764 in reply to LoneEra

She is a little minx think she owns everybody and the boy cats terrorised by this tiny tiny 9month kitten!

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LoneEra in reply to Deeb1764

Haha. Love a cat with personality! 🐈‍⬛😻😹

Oh just look at that darling pussy cat !!!! So attractive . Our pets certainly cheer us up don’t they 🐩 🐩 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

Breakfast under the trees 🌲 🌳 with the kitty 🐈‍⬛ cats 🐈 sounds like heaven to me! So happy that you get to enjoy these moments of joy! It’s good to have friends to lean on to help us through times like these 😀

So lovely to hear you’re feeling positive and moving forward after all you’ve been through. The lovely sunshine we’ve had this week will have helped I’m sure and breakfast under the trees with your cats sounds wonderful. Sending you warm wishes for steady improvements xx

That's great to hear Dee - being listened to and understood makes such a difference to how we feel and hopefully the Olumiant is going to be the one that you've been waiting for too. Good luck with it all. 🤞x

So great to hear, long may it continue x

I am so glad that things are moving in the right direction for you. However it Does seem that there is a trend at the moment that we’re having to pay to see consultant to get anything done. It doesn’t anger me it saddens me.

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Deeb1764 in reply to Wraf22

I know but sometimes you need to change gear to get on top of this disease otherwise you just stall and I want my life back, it saddens me too as live the NHS but admitted defeat with speed and cohesive management x

You did the right thing (and exactly as I would do ... have done. x)

I’m glad you are feeling positivivethats a very sweet cat

Glad you're feeling positive Dee. Onwards and upwards.😁

You couldn't paint a cat better than that could you, his markings are brilliant!

Good news Deeb long may the Olumiant work.

At alst you have some good news. It will last because we are all rooting for you. xxx

That’s great Dee, keeping fingers crossed for Olumiant. 🤞xx

What a lovely post to read from your Dee and in turn makes me feel positive and appreciate all the things I do have.

It is not before time that you are getting a little bit of a break from the awful effects of the meds. Really hoping that this is the medication for you and that the other tests and appointment get on top of your health so you can start to do things you enjoy and want to.

Breakfast in the garden with the cats sounds just lovely too. xx

Sounds like things are looking up and long may that continue. 🙏🏻💗x


Sending you my best wishes as always Dee and what a lovely photo too, thanks for posting it xx

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Deeb1764 in reply to Pippy25

Thanks Pip x

Hi Deeb

Sorry, I must have missed your post about the private appointment. I'm so pleased it sounds as though it was well worth it. Isn't it amazing what a difference actually being listened to can make sure your wellbeing?

I hope this drug works for you and you can tolerate it. You've had such a tough time one way or another for a while, so it's great to hear you're feeling just a bit better, and looking to future plans a little bit. Good for you.

Beautiful photo too. She's growing into a gorgeous girl (although I bet she knows it)!

Take care xx😊

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Deeb1764 in reply to Kags1068

thanks Kags feel like it has been a long road to this point but trying to start climbing out of the hole into some normality.

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Kags1068 in reply to Deeb1764

You're welcome! It has been a long road for you. Roll on normal!😊

That's so good to hear. What a blessing dear friends are. I'm so pleased to hear that things are turning around for you. I hope you will manage to continue with your 'counselling' course because that will enable you, in turn, to be a blessing to others. Those who have been through hard times themselves are much more able to understand and meaningfully connect with others having a tough time.

Delighted to hear your positivity is returning. What an amazing friend you have there. Very precious. Onwards and upwards. What a beautiful cat you have. Gorgeous.

That is wonderful news . I am so pleased for that you are able to be so positive. You have a very good friend there. Cherish that. Hopefully Olumiant is the one that's going to work for you. Sun and pesky 🐱 cats surely help as well.

The kitten may not be all black but she is certainly working on being lucky!Good to read your post especially as going private worked, have often wondered.

May all continue to go well for you.

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Deeb1764 in reply to fred42

Luckily I have one cat pure black so he is assisting the good luck vibe as well x

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