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Methotrexate and hydroxychlorine


Hello guys

Hope the weather is good where u are it’s blowing a gale here 😳

My methotrexate is to be increased to 25mg for a few weeks or so as my inflammatory levels have risen and are still going up. If no change they will

Add in hydroxychlorine but am nervous about this as in the leaflet it mentions having you eye test after a couple of weeks as may cause damage and a yearly test after that

Does anyone take this along with methotrexate and does it help as I’m feeling pretty under the weather right now

Thanks guys xx

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Hi - I took both up until last week and haven't had any side effects. Apparently the eye thing with hydroxyc. is to make sure you don't have an issue before you start taking it but retinopathy happens very rarely and after years of taking it.

Oh ok thanks 😊 I was a bit scared to commit when they said so agreed to stay with methroxeate for a few more weeks It’s good to hear people’s thoughts on it as it’s all so new to me x thanks for replying

I took hydroxychloroquine for two years while on methotrexate. It appeared to help and when I had my eye tests the only thing that was noted was that I had dry eyes. That said, while damage to one's vision is uncommon, it's important to get your yearly eye test. I hope that it works for you and that you feel better soon.

Thankyou I’m undecided whether an increase in methotrexate is going to help and that I’m holding things up and then have to take they hydroxychlorine anyway x

Yes and had no eye problems. Think is a reasonably rare side effect but they screen you . It works well xxx good luck x

Thanks it’s

Good to hear you guys have used it and it works well x

Yes, good luck , hope this is the combination for you 😍

I was on hydroxy for 8 years with no problems. The risks are very, very small in the early years and having an annual eye check can alert yiu to problems developing (just tell your optician you are on hydroxy and they will know what to look for). The risk increases a bit after you have taken 1kg of the stuff....approx 6 and a half years at normal dose.

Lol 1 kg is a lot 😂 thankyou I think I may go back and say I will try it as the methotrexate alone isn’t seeming to be working x

I take both , started on hydroxy a couple years ago then mtx added a year later , I have tried a couple of times to reduce my dosage of hydroxy but my body says no , eye test yearly and I always ask for a scan as well , best wishes x

I successfully took hydroxy for many years alongside mtx with no problems. Hydroxy retinopathy is very rare, especially in the first 5 years and you will be monitored with yearly eye checks anyway. My eyes were checked at the hospital before starting and then yearly by my optician. I know it sounds scary to read of a possible side effect of sight loss but all drugs carry some risk of horrible side effects including mtx, so you do need to be aware but don’t dwell on it as it could be the drug to put you into remission🤞🏻

I started on the two together in 2019 and have had no problems. I was told that Hydroxychloroquine isn't particularly effective in itself but that it's an "enabler" which means that other DMARDS are more effective when they're taken together. I just have the special eye scan along with my yearly eye test and no problems 😊

CagneysMum in reply to Boxerlady

I was told the same thing 👍

I take both hydroxy and mtx...seem to work ok (could only check this by stopping taking them!) and no side issues.

I am not sure how long you have been taking methotrexate but it can take up to 12 weeks before you feel the results. I felt a small improvement after 8 weeks but it took nearly a year before I was as well as that dose of methotrexate could make me. Two increases of dose in five years and I now feel almost normal, apart from the odd small flare - usually when I do or eat something silly. I also take hydroxychloroquine and have yearly eye tests.

Thank you 😊 Sounds likely the mixture is the way to go x

Sky42 in reply to achyknitter

I've been on mtx for 8 weeks, would be interested to know what foods set off your flares as my inflammation is not coming down very quickly and wonder if there are any foods that are affecting it.Thank you

achyknitter in reply to Sky42

This is somewhat difficult to say as everyone's triggers are different. I can eat tomatoes and peppers, etc. (which some people find problematic), but I always get a flare with sugar and alcohol. Other people will happily drink alcohol without a problem. I follow a Mediterranean diet and try to cook my food from scratch as I have noticed that too much processed food does not help. My triggers only really came to light once my RA settled.

I hope your medication works soon and you are back to living a normal life.

Sky42 in reply to achyknitter

Thank you, it's helpful to know other people's experience. I think sugar / chocolate may not be helping me

ketiv74 in reply to Sky42

@ Sky42, I have seen that Bread - specially white bread ( yeast) ,processed foods, Sugar and Dairy products affect my inflammation level, I feel puffiness in my feet, bloating and constipation etc, I f I really overdo it like during holidays or vacations I definitely feel joint pain too. I have found intermittent fasting, Clear soups & Juices very helpful during flares and also in general to control inflammation. I have been trying Celery + Cucumber juice since last 2 weeks- just once glass per day. It seems to be helping. Hope you feel better soon.

Sky42 in reply to ketiv74

Thank you, I did wonder re bread. I think I need to have a bit of a think re diet.

I took high dose MXT and hydroxy for over 7 years. I had eye tests every year and no issues at all.

I’m now on MXT and Benepali - had to come off Hydroxy as I’d been on it for so long (Naproxen too).

The thing I have noticed after stopping Hydroxy is that my tummy isn’t as lively!

I have always done exactly as told by my Rheumy (I always ask lots of questions) and put my faith in their greater knowledge and experience. My RA is under control and life is good x

Thank you 😊

Hi, I took MTX and hydroxychloroquine for several months and no eye issues. Had to stop the MTX due to side effects but still on hydroxychloroquine along with other drugs. Yearly eye test, no worries. All should be good. Take care

Thank you 😊


I’ve been taking both (mtx and hydroxychloroquin)for more than 2 years and 6 months ago also added in Amgevita ... and all’s good here. No issues with my eyes and feeling better than ever. Fingers crossed it continues and good luck with yours. 😁

Thanks that sounds amazing that you feel better than ever x

I’ve been taking both for a long time with not many problems and have eye tests every year

Sooooo I have decided to go for it after your many positive comments xx thanks everyone for your help I feel much better about it now x

I was told by my consultant this month the guidance has recently changed to having an eye test within 5 years. I am currently on MTX and Hydroxchloriquine and i need to chase my eye test appointment!

I took it but not for long as it didn’t agree with me, that’s not to say this will happen to you Everyone is different x


Hi. Just started on myx and hydroxychloroquine So far so good. Pain going only now in feet. Was hands wrists arms hips. Got an eye test today. Useful to have as a baseline in case of a bad reaction. Man encouraging. Come across no problem s with the drug in other patients. Good luck

Wow, you already got so many replies! Funny, reading through them helps me too :)I started taking Mtx Inj 2 years back and it was great. But few months back started having flare ups, however they were never up to the level when I was first diagnosed. So my Rheumy added HCQ last month, its been about 6 weeks since I started taking HCQ and feels like its starting to work. Just got off steroid this Monday, I haven't felt the pain creeping back other than some twinges here and there. Fingers crossed I stay off the steroids. It is pretty early, as I heard it could take up to 3 months for HCQ to be fully effective.

I did get eyes checked right after I started taking it. I got the same advice that many have shared above. I have not felt any noticeable side effects other than light headache during 1 st week, but that could have been because I was so anxious like you are right now. I would say go for it. Just make sure to take it with good meal. Good Luck! hope it works for you.

Thanks 😊 it’s good to hear from someone who has just started along with those who have been for some time. Hope it stays good for you and yes I find reading things on here helps as people ask all different kinds of things x

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