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I have been advised that Methotrexate makes Rituximab work better ....does anybody take Methotrexate with Rituximab please?

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Most Biologics are taken alongside MtX they with work more efficiently together. There are other benefits which someone may explain better than I.

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Lolabridge has sent an interesting read! Thanks for reply.

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An interesting read if you can log on all about Rituximab and methotrexate..

Regards Mii

Yes I believe that is the case but I had a bad reaction to MTX so just have the Rituximab on it’s own.

Take a look at the report from the research I found on this link:


The conclusion is "Evidence from eight studies suggests that rituximab (two 1000 mg doses) in combination with methotrexate is significantly more efficacious than methotrexate alone for improving the symptoms of RA and preventing disease progression."

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I’m in the same position, can’t take methotrexate any more. Rituximab has worked well for me

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I'm the same. Unable to take methotrexate so just on 2 x doses of retuximab infusions which are not lasting longer than the 6myjs needed between each. So in 26th nov & 10 dec for my next lot.

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Good read from Lolabridge on her link. Thanks for reply.

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Interesting read thank you very much!

Regards Mii

I have Rituximab on it's own, had my 5th cycle last December, took longer to kick in this time but when it does I get a great result with it.

Me too!

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Thanks for reply

Yes I also have Rituximab on its own , came off methotrexate because of the side effects it gave me .

Rituximab works really well for me on its own

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Thanks for reply Regards Mii

I take methotrexate and hydrochloquine with my retuximab x

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Thanks for reply


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