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This heat has nearly finished me off!!!

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I was thinking about you earlier and wondering how you were coping 💭💐😘 I've never liked the heat but at least it isn't too humid here so my joints aren't as bad as I'd feared. Went out in the car earlier and the air-con was bliss! 😍

J1707 in reply to Boxerlady

Jeez I look rough and so swollen joints on strike. Going to have a cold bath soon if I can get up the stairs 🙄 roll on tomorrow cooler weather. I’m in competition with the dog who can find the coolest spot the house 😁

Pippy25 in reply to J1707

Been wondering how you have managed today. I've just had my feet in a bowl with Epsom Salts in...roll on the cooler weather tomorrow!

Hate it. But just keep thinking it means people who can socialise can do it outdoors and stay safer. Silver linings and all that.

Yes it has been hard to cope with. And to keep my new cat in I’ve had to keep the doors shut and only open windows a crack! 🥵

J1707 in reply to Lolabridge

Nooooooo! Every window and open and fans going here. Poor you. I think we need s photo of your new cat 🐈

Aww definitely need photo of your cat! 😊

Yes will post one. X

Dspooky01 in reply to Lolabridge

Yes please 😺

The garden thermometer reads 40 and no breeze so went went out in the husbands nice air con car. Inside that it was 19 and lovely. We went to Brogdale by appointment as you have to do that on line and I put an order in for 1 Howarth Blenheim apple, I Katy apple, and a Goldfinger greengage tree and then we had a lovely lunch in their restaurant. Thought about it a bit and went back and ordered an Espalier Ida Red apple, My husband said he'd rather have suffered the heat in the garden as now in December he has to dig a lot of holes! If anyone is looking for trees Brogdale hold the British collection of fruit trees and are really good value. They harvest them to order as well.

Love Brogdale, and their single variety apple juice too.

I did buy a few bits in the shop too they had cider and a lot of flavoured gins too. We've got plenty of booze so didn't get any but might go to try Chapeldown wine. I got some English tea from Cornwell the other day it was nice and refreshing. Have you tried gin from Chatham Copper Rivet Distillery thats a lovely cafe too on the waterfront. The old pump house I think.

That place is amazing.

It is hot hot hot ....

It is so hot and my joints are protesting. Thankfully it has already turned cloudy here but very humid. I was thinking of you though. x

J1707 in reply to Summerrain14

Misery likes company 😁 it’s tomorrow your staring MTX? X

Summerrain14 in reply to J1707

Misery needs to leave us all alone me thinks 😊. Yep tomorrow is the day for me to start my MTX 🤞🏻🙈💊 x

J1707 in reply to Summerrain14

🤞 this works Gail you could do with a break . I’m pretty good apart from the heat. Steroids are doing their job 😁 x

Summerrain14 in reply to J1707

Hopefully so. I’m feeling positive about it. So pleased to hear the steroids are doing their job 😁 x

I think the heat is going for all our joints thank god it’s raining here now in the West off Scotland,thought my hands were going to explode

Pippy25 in reply to rab1874

Strange weather we are having, no wonder our bodies and joints are swelling up. Hope your hands are feeling a bit better? take care

Yes, mine are nice as puffy but thankfully not as painful as during the last spell of hot weather. Just hope it's a bit cooler by bedtime. We've had a couple of showers, there was thunder in the distance and I THINK it's a bit cooler 🤞

The only plus side of today is a/cat came back and b/ live on the Fens who have been whipping up a perfect whirlwind around the house so getting huge blasts of air into the house. But too bleedin hot for the hands today!

We have just had a thunderstorm with lighting and thunder and lots off rain. It's still around 22 degrees. It's been too hot for a bike ride or a walk, just walking round to the shops was horrible. I had to come in and get another shower. Thank goodness for lovely showers.

Take care.

Mmrr in reply to Carolsos

I love thunder storms, we haven't had any here in a while.

J1707 in reply to Mmrr

Me too .. still no rain here is cooler but humid

It's too hot, fans going, swollen ankles, but hey we just had some rain and it has cooled off a bit.

cold shower before bed, feet in bowl cold water for 5 mins ..... slept like a baby.

In Aberdeen it reached the dizzying heights of 19 but the wind was so strong, you couldn’t sit out. Hint anyone coming to Scotland for your hols bring clothes appropriate we often have every type of weather in one day. My highlight of the day is that I finally went out out (only been out twice both times to see Rheummy). Up and drove to my local M and S for it opening and got myself a chicken...... going to have roast chicken dinner tonight, and not just any old chicken bit a M and S chicken - I’ve been dreaming about this since lockdown

J1707 in reply to Knit12

😋😋😋sounds delicious

I wonder why we swell in the heat with arthritis. Does anyone know? The last spell of hot weather here in Ireland, i swoll up like a balloon. Feet, ankles, knees etc. I put it down to my heart failure but extra diruetics wasnt shifting it so now im starting to think the heat may have caused the arthritis to swell. Any suggestions?? I used to love the heat. Not anymore lol x

J1707 in reply to Mickymoo

I’d love to know myself

Mickymoo in reply to J1707

Must ask the rheumy on my next appointment and ile let u know what he says x

J1707 in reply to Mickymoo


Much cooler down in the South today. Had opticians appointment yesterday, so hot with mask on. Almost my first time out but I enjoyed it. Waiting for new glasses now. Take care

It is overcast here but still very hot and humid so not pleasant

Me toooo 🥵🥵🥵 can’t bare it so swollen so sore and it’s so stifling. I had to put some washing on the line yesterday took me half an hour coz after 2 minutes outside I had to come back in for a few minutes. The good bit about it was it dried within about an hour even the jeans which hubby wore for work. Did persuade him to bring it back in coz a shower was all I could muster yesterday. Even boiling during a random thunderstorm with barely no rain 🤷‍♀️ Thank goodness it’s a bit better today but still suffering 🤬. Not one to moan usually but then again I’m going to complain come the winter too lol.

J1707 in reply to Leics

Not me love the winter.. I’m just starting to return to some kinda normal. No thunder storms or rain here.. love a thunder storm

Leics in reply to J1707

I love the fact that a thunderstorm usually clears the air and my headache goes but not yesterday you could still fry an egg on the pavement I think whilst the light show was going on judging by the hot blasts that were coming in through the door. Hey ho like I said I’m never happy. Summer too hot kills me off makes me swell even more and winter is just pain personified, lucky me ☺️

Oh bless you. I've actually been enjoying the heat (apart from the slightly puffy feet/ankles). However, today the temperature has dropped and it looks a bit like rain is on the way and suddenly I'm having trouble coming down stairs without screeching. Strange how the same condition can have us reacting differently. Hope you feel more comfortable once the mini heatwave has passed x

J1707 in reply to mistymeana

I’m so much better ... poor you it’s a very strange disease indeed. Sudden change in the weather cause me problems usually for a short period but hot humid weather ... bit it nearly finishes me off. Hope you feel done relief soon x

I do feel for those of you who are troubled by the heat. Once the cold comes that will be me saying the same as you. Having the heat keeps me going.

Take care

J1707 in reply to Ruth12345

The heat and humidity is back today🥵suffering already

Ruth12345 in reply to J1707

Must admit once it gets humid I struggle, throbbing is dreadfull today.

Well I've had a nice day with daughter and family. Had lunch but ended up in garage not garden as the heavens opened. Then in garden watching our 8month and 2.8yr old grandaughters play in the garden with their parents. We were on patio they were on grass. I'm totally exausted, (hard just to watch but better than nothing) but in a nice way

I hope you are ok.

J1707 in reply to Ruth12345

Sounds like a lovely day even with the rain . I get tired watching the tv😂 yesterday a great day felt alive . Today not so good . Never mind we enjoy what we can . .. the simple things make us happy 😊

Ruth12345 in reply to J1707

I so agree. X