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Collar bone

Hey folks. Been having another flare up going from hand to fingers to wrists to shoulders all within the space of a week-joy!!! A new one though- now have pain from shoulder to clavicle with the little knobbly bones in the middle (clavicle) really sore and tender. I know it’s the RA cos it’s the same pain just in a new place. Anyone else experience this? Not sure whether to mention this at my next appt or if he’ll just say I’m being weird?! Thanks all

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Yep I get that one too. Luckily it doesn’t seem to last too long.🙁

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Sounds similar to what you've got Elmo??

I'm suffering badly at the moment with Tenosynovitis, the GP diagnosed this some five weeks ago, and is not getting any better, it started some weeks prior to going to the GP's, I had a shooting pain from the bottom of my thumb and up into my wrist, arm and shoulder, this has in turn given me a flare, all my finger joints are swollen, inflamed and really painful, it just goes from one thing to another, I think my husband just thinks that I'm putting it on!!



Hi Elmo 333,

I have the same exact issue with the collarbone! It’s very aggravating! I see the rheumatologist in September so I’m going to say something! I think it’s coming from the shoulder! (that aches too!) Best wishes!


Yes, that joint is one of my original flares. Not one that's easy to rest either. Hope it passes quickly for you.


my shoulders wrists and fingers permanently swollen. consultant now looking at my RA with secondary lupus.. x


Yes, I get that one too. can be either side . Before treatment started to work the knobbly joints with sternum would be hot red and swollen. Not a good look in a v neck top...,


Yes I have collar bone pain or clavicle pain when in a flare. I have experienced it for years,even before I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. It would seem it was out of place. An Orthopedic surgeon always just called it an auto immune condition.


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