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Bone scan and anti inflammatory

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Hello all,

I hope you are all ok on this very miserable day (well it’s pouring and humid here in London)

I’m struggling today and just thinking ..I have a nuclear bone scan on Monday and rheumy said not to take my Arcoxia a couple days before the scan. Really panicking about this as pain is severe at times even with painkillers!

Just interested to hear other people’s experiences when having the scan and if any of you took anti inflammatory before hand?


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By coincidence, I had one last week and stopped my Arcoxia a week before. I tend to find it takes a few days for the inflammation to build up so the first couple of days without it are fine. The last couple, well I won’t mention them! 😕

Was quite fascinating, as inflammation showed up in places where it didn’t hurt! The scan made me look a bit like a decorated christmas tree with the different colours.

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Gnarli in reply to helixhelix

Sorry to hear that

Thanks helix, so there’s no getting out of it then lol I’m absolutely dreading the pain. Can we take win killer that’s not an anti inflammatory though I presume?

I guess so. I didn’t as they do nothing for me.

What a great image. Sounds like a very comprehensive test. Hope it helps you☺️

Can you take paracetamol and codeine or similar that aren’t NSAID’s? A big good luck to you from and equally wet and yucky Wiltshire.

I think so, I guess it’s just the anti flams. But like helix , really don’t do much so they will need to carry me in there lol

😏 It sure isn’t great is it. I hope it’ll be less awful than you think. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


Getting in was fine, it was the getting off a high table after lying still for 30 minutes that was fun. 12 year old radiologist started to look slightly alarmed at possibility of a large beached whale falling off his table - especially without my glasses!

I hope the 12 yr old learnt a lot more about how awful things are for some people. 😂

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Helix helix that so reminded me of when I had mri's of my feet. I was on the table over an hour and completely seized up. The 2 radiographers had to help me and I could hardly walk. My friend was in the waiting room and she said 'what the hell have they done to you' when she saw me hobbling down the corridor 😂😂

I have a bone scan in 6 days and am dreading it. Have stopped Meloxicam and not too bad yet! Am keeping on biologic. Am dreading it as when had MRI had to be hiked off table and they did it with such force that I went across the very small room and hit the wall. My knees will not work that quickly. Felt so foolish and they looked so alarmed. It was a mobile unit and I think they thought I had damaged the flimsy wall. Good luck.

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Green230461 in reply to Wobbies

Why is it your body won’t do what it should when we need it too?

Take care and best wishes ☺️

Thanks for this whaleroad, I think it’s because the anti flam could take away the inflammatory and so they could miss something so I’m panicking as still feel pain with painkillers. They did say I hAve to go away for a few hours so thanks for the loo tip! Will be in touch, thanks to all of you. It’s such a relief to find proper who understand. I do feel that lots of people im around just don’t understand the pain level . Speak soon x

Good luck! I am of the opinion that I will try anything now. Hopefully it will help you. ☺️

Thank you so much! I know what you mean!

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